Seriously! ... Why Shouldn't Kickers Get credit for Yards when kicking Field Goals ...?

Don't get mad. Just answer the question. If a qb and a wide receiver both get credit for yards thrown and receiving why shouldn't the kicker get credit for yardage for successful field goals.

It's 1rst and 10 at the 20. The qb throws a short pass for 5 yards to a receiver who runs for a td. They both get credit for 80 yards total. The qb only threw for a 5 yard pass but he gets 75 more yards because of the yards gained by the receiver.

A kicker nails a 57 yard field goal and he only gets credit for points.

What's the difference between throwing for a td (points and yardage), running for a td (points and yardage) as opposed to kicking a long field goal (points only)?

All scoring benefits the team as a whole but the kickers who often score more points in their careers than anyone don't get enough credit.

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East Coast Assassin : If it's stupid then what is the good reason. Thanks for your answer.

If a qb throws for a 70 yard bomb then fine give him 70 yards but on a 5 yarder I think it's kinda silly to give him credit for what the receiver did.

Update 2:

North Dakota baseball player : We are talking pro football right?... Or are we? I'm not talking about points for the field goal. I'm talking about credit for yards for the successful field goal. Thanks for your answer.

Update 3:

East Coast Assassin : That's not really the point.

Understand this.

Anyone can run the ball through the goalposts if they can get past the defense.

Not everyone can kick a field goal.

Kickers deserve more credit.

Update 4:

Heather : It's not about the points. I'm talking about credit for yards for the distance in the kick just like qb's and receivers get for passing and receiving.

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    'East Coast', if there is a good reason, then what is it?

    I agree with whoever is asking this question though, you are right, why wouldn't the kicker get any credit for a field goal? i don't know the answer but i think the answer should be that they get credit for the yards. haha sorry but good luck in finding out the answer

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    Well...that's just like saying why should a 1 yard touchdown count the same as a 70 yard bomb ending in a td....either way, 6 points.

    In Fantasy Football, you do get more points for longer kicks so I guess its' crediting the kicker for that.

    And the NFL does keep track what yardage (sorta) the kickers do kick. They have like how many over 40 on. So it's not gone to complete waste.

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    I guess they could keep a stat for total yards on field goals made. Don't see the value of that. Stats for number of field goals made, % of tries made, and those stats for 40+ yards and 50+ yards, are better measures of the kickers value to a team.

    I agree, good kickers are undervalued, unless your team doesn't have one.

    If you look at NFL teams' career stats, you'll see most of scoring records are held by kickers.

    Yards After Catch are not an official stat but most teams keep their own for evaluating their receivers. I'd still give QB's credit for total passing yards but add the Yards After Catch to the official team stats, and to the individual receiver stats.

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    That's stupid. There's a reason why they don't and it is a good one.

    BUT the QB thing I understand... he throws 5 yards and gets credit for 80... unbelievable.

    DOM: The reason is that no one is carrying the ball through the field goal posts, like they do in running for a TD or passing for one. The ball is not carried by anyone.

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  • this doesn't make sense... in my league if a kicker kicks a 20-29 FG then he gets 3 pts, 30-39- 4 pts, 40-49- 5 pts, and 50 + is 6 pts... that's how it should be... kickers should get credited for how long the FG are but they shouldn't get the same pts like WR and RB do for yardage.

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    i see what you mean, a kicker kicks a 20 yarder and gets credit for 3 points and a guy kicks a 50 yarder and also gets credit for 3 points. maybe they should count yards but then again it would only be another pointless statistic

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    I think they could add a statistic for Field Goal yardage. It could put more value on a Kicker and show that they are a VALUABLE, ESSENTIAL part of the game.

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    I agree at least partially. The most-accurate kickers should be judged based on the length of their kicks. What if your coach just happens to favor trying extremely long kicks? That would hurt your accuracy.

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    Well, if there were no kickers at all. More than half of all the games won would be lost.

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