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What is a good dog name for a wire fox terrier?

Please tell me I am sucked dry of ideas and nothing good came to my head. I have another dog named Duke, so something that goes with that well. Or anything. It's female, wire fox terrier. Nothing ordinary, such as Buddy or Max. Something unique, but cute. Please help me I am getting the puppy soon! Thanks a billion, 10 points for best answer!

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    Duke of hazard ? not daisy huh? well how about waiting till you get her so you can see her personality, then pick a matching name. Or lacey, tracey, shugar, Darlin, Diamond, Brittany, Heather,Janet,Holly, stephanie, sarah, jackie, christine, Audrie, kathy,kate,shanna. I have a new poodle female and named her shoola and her mom is named five-o . Hope you find a beautiful name!!

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    Daisy, Davina

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    Dainty, Dutches,

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    hey im getting a pup to wondering the same thing but its not the same kind as urs anyway: Girl: Macy, sprinkle, Boy: Cooper, Dash,

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  • Nick, Nora and Asta!

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    Terry for a boy and foxy for a gurl...

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    i like all of the above hopefully you like one!

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