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How many USA corporations can we find in Mexico? & How many Mexican corporations can we find in USA?

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    So many that it is impossible to enumerate all of them. CNN LA is based in Mexico, MTV as well, the Bank of America has offices there too, Wall Mart is a giant, Mc Donald's, Disney, Pepsi Co., Coca Cola and I am not talking about stores I am talking about corporate offices.

    About mexican companies the most known by Americans at least are Grupo Bimbo, Grupo Carso, Cemex, Grupo Modelo, Televisa, the list is too big.

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    The answer is not enough. Back in the 80's and 90's many US companies that I was involved with opened up factories in Mexico, but they ran into endless graft and corruption. Stuff would get stolen and the police were always on the take and wouldn't help. Every day government officials would come demand bribes. American managers would be arrested for nothing until their company came and paid their "fine".

    Hundreds of companies ended up closing the plants and moving production to China, which is sad because I think it would be far better for both Mexico and the US if the jobs and money stayed here in North America. If Mexico is ever going to succeed they need to get rid of the corruption.

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    how many democrats does it take to make the united states the highest taxed corporations in america?

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    after Obama gets elected all of them will be in Mexico or somewhere that doesn't want to take all their profits

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    A lot!

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