Halloween costume ideas!?

Whats a a good costume idea for my bff and i. i'd like our costumes to go together somehow, wether they're the same of the coordinate together some other way like tigger and pooh. please help! we dont want scary costume, more towards cutesy or sassy costumes.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    selena and blair! (gossip girl, if you don't watch it, sorry, just seems so cute)

    you could go as yin and yang. one goes with an all-white outfit with one distinct black accent (black scarf?top hat?), and the other goes with the same outfit in all black and the same accent but in white. that would be so cute. the problem is people havta see you together to get it^_^


    -angel and devil,

    -minnie and daisy,

    -betty and veronica (from the archie comics, do kids even know these guys, lol?),

    -batgirl and supergirl,

    -wicked witches of the west and east (wizard of oz),

    -spongebob and patrick,

    -olsen twins,

    -betty and wilma (flintstones),

    -bambi and thumper,

    -woody and buzz lightyear,

    -cavegirl and spacegirl...(i like this one)

    -fire and ice

    -indian princess and cowgirl

    lol,ok,ok, i'll stop now. btw, tigger (or piglet since he's pooh's best friend) and pooh sounds cute ^_^

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  • 1 decade ago

    -barbie and ken

    -demi and selena

    -miley and mandy

    -80's chicks

    hope i helped

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ook! you should both be Harajuku Girls!


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