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does Kamenashi Kazuya have a Girlfriend?

I am just curious.

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    Yes, he has a girlfriend. She's half Korean and half Japanese, her name is Song Eun Ae, she's 19 years old.

    Asking why do i know? it is just because i am one of Kamenashi Kazuya's off cam friends, they have a communication through the phone and when he has the free time, through the internet. using the two of the known websites in the world. they've been having and keeping their relationship from June 2007 until now. and i want also to tell you that he didn't really have a relationship with Koizumi Kyoko or Meisa Kuroki.

    Kamenashi and Eun Ae met each other when Eun Ae went to japan last February 2007, and they dated each other for 3 months, except for the times when Kamenashi has a concert. Eun Ae watched the concert of KAT-TUN last April 21, 2007. she was sitting at the front. i know it, because I'm with her.

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    Kamenashi Kazuya Girlfriend

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    Yeah. Me.

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