Transport from Calgary Airport at Midnight on Christmas?

My flight lands at Calgary International Airport at about 1am on Christmas night. (So technically it will be 1am on the 26th.) Will there be any Taxis around at this time? I don't think theres any shuttles that run as I'm not staying at a hotel? Any ideas how much a taxi fare will be to the sunshine mountain area?

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    You will need to take a taxi to Banff -

    If you plan on showing up at Sunshine Village during hours that the ski hill is not open you will be waiting in a parking lot.

    To reach the hotel, staff accom, anyone at the hill, you must take 20 min gondola to the base of the mountain....

    Taxi will be very expensive - stay in Calgary, and go out the next day.

    If you do decide to go the next day I have listed a few more economical ways of getting to Banff. (Banff Airporter, Sundog Airport Shuttle, Brewster Airporter services).

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    There will be taxis there at that time, although it is possible you might have to wait because it's Christmas.

    I think a taxi out to the Sunshine Mountain would be about $200. I think you would be better off getting a hotel for the night in Calgary, and then making arrangements for transportation out to Sunshine for the next day. There may be some shuttle buses out there during the day.

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    There are usually taxis there around the clock, however you can always prearrange one (which I would recommend if you want them to take you all the way to Sunshine!)

    Some local cab companies are (alphabetically - no preference)

    Associated Cabs (403) 299-1111

    Blacktop Taxi (403) 275-8000

    Checker Cabs (403) 299-9999

    Mayfair Taxi (403) 255-6555

    You can also try the airport shuttle (link below). They have more experience in traveling to the mountains, and will likely be cheaper than cab fare.

    They may also simply recommend finding accommodation in Calgary the night you arrive, and hop a shuttle bus specific to Sunshine in the morning.

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