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    I dont know what is your budget.

    If you want cheap and very cheap- maybe whatever stores in Mong Kowk.

    But of coures the style, size and .... and not nice.

    If you want -- half and half . not expensive -- i prefer Zara. I love this shop alot. The kids clothes are sooo cool. Expecially the small kids. It's not very expensive. But size and style and good.

    Expensive- DKNY kids, Moschino KIDS, Blueberry KIDS, Kenzo kids........etc . Their clothes are so sharp and colourful. Nice to buy but a bit expensive.

    Wish i could help you. Mail to me if any questions.

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    hihi, 本人自己開設網上及店鋪童裝服飾店的,俾我個網頁你睇先丫,如果你想訂可以在網頁訂購或親身到鋪揀都得,網址:, thx!

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