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? asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

Five points i appreciate Aesop (the author of Aesop fables)

Five points and why i appreciate Aesop (the author of Aesop fables)

Please help me!!!

i need to do the homework!!!!!

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    Actually, Aesop Fables were not written by a single writer, but a collection of tales credited to Aesop (620–560 BC), who was a slave and story-teller in Ancient Greece only. [please refer to Wikipedia for more details]Aesop Fables are good because the stories are attractive, short, and easy to understand. Of course, if the one who tells you the story is not a good story teller, you'll still find it boring.In the past, when most parents were basically not well-educated, such stories were useful to help them teach their children well. As even children could understand those simple stories, they could know what they should do or not to do. Without interesting and meaningful stories to attract them, it's almost impossible to teach them some great truths or abstract ideas, such as honesty. So Aesop Fables played a very important role in moral education. However, I wonder if today's children are still interested in those simple stories.

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