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cl_9r asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

勁急..英文作文(說明文)How to take care of a pet dog?


題目係<How to take care of a pet dog>

*Write a explanation text.Write at least 100WORDS.

Rember to include:

-The main points in the paragraph

-A topic sentence at the beginig of each paragraph in the body.


-Time conectives (Example:then,next,after a while,etc.)

-An exclamation or a question to interest the reader

(Example:Beware--typoons can kill! Did you know that...?


______________________________________________ (illustrations)








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    How to take care of a pet dog?

    To pet lovers, a dog can be a good companion (伴侶) --- a life-long partner that you can love forever though the normal life span (壽命) of a dog is just 10 to 12 years of age. When you go back home after a day’s hard work, their warm welcome with their wagging tails make you very much pleased. But what can we do for them in return? Just like an advertisement on TV, first we should respect their life and respect their existence. Do not abandon (遺棄) them or leave them unattended all the time in their cage without food and water. Like human beings, dogs need love and care. Then, show your love and care by giving gentle pats or hug. They need a normal life --- physical exercise keeps them healthy and happy. Bring them for a walk every day in open area. Let them run freely in spacious environment. And let them make friends with other dogs.

    Proper food is very important for their health. Beware!! Do you know that human foods can kill your dog? It’s not kidding!! For example, do not feed your dog with grapes or chocolates. Get more healthcare information about dog from your vet (獸醫).

    Consult your vet and arrange regular check-up and vaccines injections for your dog. If you expect to keep only one pet, get your dog neutered(接發絕育手術). This can keep it fit and healthy. A sanitary home environment is also very much needed. But use only a floor cleanser (洗地水)from pet products store that is specifically designed for pet-keeping family. Bathe your dog once a month. Too many baths take away the natural oils from their skin and can cause itching(皮膚痕癢). Check its fur for any fleas (跳蚤).

    In short, no-snack diet, proper physical exercise and a clean home environment all combine to keep your dog healthy.



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