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thus, the coughlan and sen figures cited before may be suggestive of the degree to which firms use some amount of behavior control over their salesforces as judged by the high proportion of pay that is fixed(salary) in many salesforces.

in the next section we attempt to specify strategies for optimizing the weighting of outcome versus behavior control.

the reasoning behind this proposition is that behavior control removes the pressures and incentives to sacrifice long-term for immediate results. salespeople are freed to develop their knowledge and professional competence. moreover, the possession of knowledge and expertise is intrinsically rewarding and behavior-based control systems are thought to enhance intrinsic motivation

行銷上的用詞 :latitude

       sales agency

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    因此, coughlan和參議員在也许被援引的figures是之前企業使用某一相当数量对他們的salesforces的行為控制如根據薪水高比例判斷在許多salesforces被固定的暗示的程度(薪金)。 在下个部分我們試圖為優選額外指定戰略結果對行為控制。 在這個提議之後的推理是行為控制去除壓力和刺激為直接结果犧牲長期。 推銷員被解救开发他們的知識和專家能力。 而且,知識和專門技術的財產內在地有意義,并且基於行為的控制系统被認為提高內在刺激



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