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緊急!! 編短篇英文...20點


題目是:1.We should love our enemies.

2.My ideal boyfriend.




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  • 1 decade ago
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    My ideal boyfriend

    I've met many guys in my life. Some of them maybe a little cheeky, childish, conceited, and impulsive but I really cherish every memory being with them. In spite of these "not bad" memories, I've been picturing the qualities of my ideal boyfriend.

    First, I supposed he must have a generous character. His generosity doesn't only towards me but also towards others in need. That's to say, he is very considerate of everyone.

    Second, I hope he will be a very studious fellow. We all know the more learned a man is, the more modest he usually is. I really admire someone who is always aware of his limitation so as to better himself . And then we could cheer up each other as the company.

    Third, a humorous man is definitely attractive. If he is eloquent and always make me laugh, I reckon I will be carried off my feet by love for him.

    Last but not the least, he should be a very devoted boyfriend and remain constant during our relationship. As for the appearance, I don't care his looks. It's his mind I care most.

    All in all, I will never give up looking for the most suitable one qualified as my ideal boyfriend- who will be my future ideal husband as well!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    寫第2個 比較好寫



    第2題 你理想的男友?! 是說 你個人喜歡類型..方面

    我只能提供你這些 因為每個人看法都不一樣= =

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