please recommend me extra income no ptc please?

i want to have extra income so that i earn but no ptc please, give me the website that would help thank you

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    1 decade ago
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    I am an Arbonne Consultant. Works for me. See below for how it can work for you and others you know.

    A few things we all need right now are:

    1. Financial Security

    2. Provide a healthy and happy environment for ourselves and our families.

    3. Support our country so we will see growth again.

    4. Support our friends, family, and others to so that they can also work this same list.

    How to fulfill the needs on our list above:

    1. Financial Security - Shop for Arbonne Products: Create an online shopping network that pays you for your word of mouth advertising. This is not new money you will be spending. This is just redirecting where you purchase a couple the products you already purchase to Arbonne. Arbonne has over 400 products, so we can find a few we use all the time that we would be happy to try something new, if it means we will be paid to share this same simple concept with others.

    2. Purchasing from Arbonne means that we will be using products for ourselves and our families that are healthier than most on the market today. Arbonne products are Vegan Certified and are created to be Pure, Safe, and Beneficial for us. Also during hard times, we want to feel and good and Arbonne allows us to treat ourselves to top of the line products that make us feel good. We don't need to shop at the bargain store for the cheapest products with this program.

    3. Arbonne products are MADE IN THE USA! They are formulated in Switzerland where some of the best products in the world are created, but they are MADE IN THE USA and distributed from 2 USA Distribution Facilities. Arbonne has been a company for 28 years and they have always been a GREEN COMPANY. So by creating your shopping network and using Arbonne Products, we are supporting a healthier us and a healthier environment. On top of all of that, we are supporting jobs in this country.

    4. Support your family and friends: Share this simple concept with them, so that they also can feel happy, healthy, and secure. Encourage them to support our country by purchasing Green Products that are MADE IN THE USA. Use Arbonne products for yourself and teach others to do the same and Arbonne will pay you each time they purchase. This is not something you are asking your friends and family to do for you!!!!! This is a Gift you are Giving them!!!! You have the chance to build your own little business of a shopping network...that they will be a part of, but at the same time they can start building their own little business of a shopping network. No one is selling anything. You will pick the products you like and purchase for yourself..Then you share the concept and they will pick the products they like to purchase. Once again this is not new money spent. It is the same money you would have spent say on shampoo, but you change the product you are purchasing to one of Arbonne's Shampoos. You don't have to be excited about the products..They are very nice and I am sure you will like them, but get excited about the vehicle Arbonne can be. It is the vehicle that allows you to fill the needs #1, 2 & 3, by taking action with #4.

    I can not stress enough that this is not about being excited about products. It is about the ability to create another income for yourselfe and your family by doing something as simple as shopping with a certain company and teaching others to do the same. That is why I started using and sharing Arbonne. I have found that it provides many additional benefits. In short, I get to spend time with everyone in my network and I picked them all so I really enjoy their company. I have found Arbonne Products to be really great products and have a few favorites that I would still buy if I had just happened upon them in a regular store. But number one for me is this company will pay me for just telling others how much I love them and showing them how to purchase them.


    I love this company Jump Zone. Great place for my kid to play. I have told so many people about this place and actually set up play dates with friends to go to Jump Zone. I have never seen and advertisement for this place. They may advertise, but I found out about them through another friend. I know they have at least 10 new customers from people I have told, but I have never received any type of discount or payment from them. I have made so much money for that company….they should pay me. Well at least I have one area of my life that the company I purchase products from appreciates my advertising for them and they pay me. See what I mean about Arbonne is the vehicle. I am much more excited about Jump Zone than I am about Arbonne Products, but I will use Arbonne forever…because they pay me. Once my daughter is grown, I have no reason to tell others about Jump Zone. If they would pay me, I would tell people about them forever.

    For you the number one reason may be that you love products and are looking for the best eye cream….and Arbonn

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  • 1 decade ago

    even i was wondering about this, but got nothing in the results, there are many scams, some sites ask for registration fee or bla bla bla, i really hate these sites to surf.

    let me know when u get a proper site for this :D

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  • Derek
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    1 decade ago

    I'd try a second job or an income stock fund.

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