Steps to becoming a teacher in ohio?

i've been reading around and it sounds like you major in the subject or related to the subject you want to teach then minor is education

I am thinking about becoming a high school teacher, i know they pay is not great, but you get lots of time with family, and its fulfilling to me

So in Ohio i know from hearing from teacher that they have to take a test every few years whats on that test?

After you get your degree how do you get your license? and how long would it take? And during your teaching you have to take classes and stuff right?

Whats a good college with a good teaching program?

This is way far into the future for me but i'm just thinking about majors and stuff. i want to be a world history teacher. My dream job would be to teach in a international high school in China or S. Korea. But probably China because i plan on learning Mandarin and since i am Chinese and my family would be there.


Actually instead of just Ohio, how would you also go about becoming a teacher overseas? Like my dream job situation

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    What area of Ohio do you live in? Shawnee State University has an excellent education program. Even if you decide not to go there you should get a catalog because it will tell what classes you need and when you will need to take testing. There are three tests that you will take as you progress through your education, praxis series. Also, there are at least two teachers in the education department from China, or there was a year ago, who can answer your questions about teaching in China. By the way, Shawnee State is in southern Ohio.

    Good Luck

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  • Huh?
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    It's best to major in the subject you are most interested in and minor in another area which you may teach. Like math and phys ed. or social studies and history. Schools want to hire teachers who can teach more than one subject. Then take your education classes as another minor or major. Check the web site for the Ohio dept. of education. for more info on licensing. I'm not sure if you need a test every few years but probably do need to take additional courses.

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    After you get your degree, you have to take a state test to become licensed.

    All colleges have a curriculum you must follow. To do this you can either, 1) make an appointment with a college counselor, 2) speak to your high school councilor, or 3) go on line and see what is required.

    All colleges have the first two years already set, which is basically the same as high school, but more difficult. You must take English, Math , Science, Soc. st, etc.

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