Please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

what are some really good country songs?

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    get ready for a lonnnnng list cuz im a BIG country fan.... here goes...

    1. love story- taylor swift

    2. johnny and june- heidi newfield

    3. chicken fried- zac brown band

    4. dont think i dont think about it- darius rucker

    5. Roll with me- montgomery gentry

    6. love remembers- craig morgan

    7. she never cried in front of me- toby keith

    8. whisky lullaby- brad paisley

    9. start a band- brad paisley/kenny chesney

    10. i still miss you- keith anderson

    11. gunpowder and lead- miranda lambert

    12. 15 minutes of shame- kristy lee cook

    13. put a girl in it- brooks and dunn

    14. change- taylor swift

    15. dont blink- kenny chesney

    16. find out who your friends are- tracey lawerence

    17. winner at a loosing game- rascal flatts

    18. dont you know youre beautiful- kellie pickler

    19. rocks instead of rice- kellie pickler

    20. didnt you know how much i loved you- kellie pickler

    21. lucky girl- kellie pickler

    22. one last time- kellie pickler

    23. best days of your life- kelli pickler

    24. somebody to love me- kellie pickler

    25. going out in style- kellie pickler

    26. flat ont he floor- carrie underwood

    27. so small- carrie underwood

    28. just a dream- carie underwood

    29. get out of this town- carrie underwood

    30. dont forget to remember me- carrie underwood

    31. crazy dreams- carrie underwood

    32. i know you wont- carrie underwood

    33. you wont find this- carrie underwood

    34. the more boys i meet- carrie underwood

    35. twisted- carrie underwood

    36. wheel of the world- carrie underwood

    37. things that never cross a mans mind- kellie pickler

    38. small town girl- kellie pickler

    39. wild ponies- kellie pickler

    40. girls like me- kellie pickler

    41. one of the guys- kellie pickler

    42. my angel- kellie pickler

    43. bless the broken road- rascal flatts

    44. feels like today- rascal flatts

    45. when the sand runs out- rascal flatts

    46. feels like today- rascal flatts

    47. the day before you- rascal flatts

    48. skin- rascal flatts

    49. take me there- rascal flatts

    50. here- rascal flatts

    51. bob that head- rascal flatts

    52. still feels good- rascal flatts

    53. every day- rascal flatts

    54. its who you know- phil stacey

    55. lloking like love

    56. no way around a river

    57. if you didnt love me- phil stacey

    58. round here- phil stacey

    59 stay beautiful- taylor swift

    60. ties together with a smile- taylor swift

    theres more buty im tired of typing lol

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'll give you a list of some good artists to try.

    1. Alan Jackson

    2. George Jones

    3. Randy Travis

    4. Keith Whitley

    5. Willie Nelson

    6. Charlie Daniels

    7. Waylon Jennings

    8. Hank, Sr. and Jr.

    9. Flatt & Scruggs

    10. Joe Diffie

    11. Travis Tritt

    12. Brooks & Dunn

    13. Doug Stone

    14. Diamond Rio

    15. Alabama

    16. Marty Robbins

    17. Kris Kristofferson

    18. Guy Clark

    19. Asleep at the Wheel

    20. Sammy Kershaw

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  • 1 decade ago

    Gun Powerder and Lead and Kerosene- Miranda Lambert

    What was I thinking and Come a little closer- Dirks Bently

    Dont take the Girl and Real Good Man - Tim Mcgraw

    Mud on the Tires and Wiskey Lullaby - Brad Paisley (Allison Krauss)

    Songs about Me - Trace Adkins

    Rodeo - Garth Brooks

    Save a horse - Big n Rich

    Hell Yeah - Montgomery Gentry

    HillBilly Delux - Brooks and Dunn

    Pick'n Wild Flowers - Kieth Anderson

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sure You can Find one here

    1. Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash

    The horns, the tempo, Cash’s smoldering voice and June Carter’s dead-on songwriting remain as exciting now as in the 1960s.

    2. Sweet Dreams, Patsy Cline

    The gold standard of songs for Cline wannabes — it takes pluck to attempt her triumph of vocal range and emotion.

    3. Mama Tried, Merle Haggard

    Haggard was still a handsome rebel himself when this tale of misspent youth made us all a little restless.

    4. He Stopped Loving Her Today, George Jones

    Death, unrequited love, third-party gossip, it’s all here — along with Jones’ hangdog baritone.

    5. Whiskey River, Willie Nelson

    How many concerts have you attended that started with TWANG, TWANG, TWANG, TWANG, then these two words? We thought so.

    6. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, Hank Williams Sr.

    He had bigger hits, but Williams’ elemental ode to sadness has been covered by dozens of artists and taken to heart by millions of fans.

    7. Faded Love, Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys

    If the twin fiddles of this Texas dancehall favorite don’t get you, move somewhere else. Quickly.

    8. Orange Blossom Special, Johnny Cash

    Of the many versions of this fiddler’s classic, anyone can sing along with Johnny Cash’s cover of THE best train song ever.

    9. King of the Road, Roger Miller

    A quirky, laid-back singalong song that was novel enough in the ‘60s to draw rock-crazed crowds back into country music. Miller was the perfect foil for the British popsters of the day.

    10. Cryin’ Time, Ray Charles

    Another vintage 1960s song that gave people something to slow-dance to, as Charles’ wistful voice transformed the mournful tune into a crossover hit.

    11. The Devil Went Down to Georgia, the Charlie Daniels Band

    The drama, the sizzle of an irresistible melody paired with a good-versus-evil morality tale, all delivered with lightning-fast licks.

    12. Blue Moon of Kentucky, Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys

    Often covered, never imitated, “Blue Moon” helped the Father of Bluegrass introduce a new American music form to commercial audiences.

    13. Luckenbach, Texas, Waylon Jennings

    “Baby, let’s sell your diamond ring, buy some boots and faded jeans and go away,” sang grizzled ol’ Jennings, drawing country fans away from slick Nashville and “back to the basics of love.”

    14. San Antonio Rose, Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys

    Another Western Swing classic that put Wills and company on every jukebox shortlist in the ‘40s and keeps cheerfully scooting boots even today.

    15. I Can’t Stop Loving You, Ray Charles

    Another Charles classic from his country years that continues to find appreciative audiences and willing vocalists.

    16. Stand By Your Man, Tammy Wynette

    The country woman’s anthem, presented with loyalty and resignation, though somehow we all knew Wynette really wouldn’t put up with all that funny business. One bad marriage to George Jones later, she didn’t.

    17. Making Believe, Emmylou Harris

    Harris’ sadly eloquent voice made this song of self-deception more than a tear-jerker du jour.

    18. Coat of Many Colors, Dolly Parton

    This homespun country tale of a loving but impoverished childhood introduced fans to Parton’s warmth and storytelling capabilities.

    19. You Never Even Called Me by My Name, David Allan Coe

    And now for something completely different — Coe’s masterpiece of irreverence is a song-within-a-song that still has all of country music laughing at itself (and at mama, trains, prison and gettin’ drunk ...).

    20. Folsom Prison Blues, Johnny Cash

    There were plenty of songs about being sent TO prison, but when Cash performed “Folsom Prison Blues,” outsiders could finally grasp the frustration and boredom of those who were IN prison.

    21. Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down, Kris Kristofferson

    Everyone, including Johnny Cash, rushed to cover this portrait of despair and isolation after Kristofferson’s recording, but his own world-weary voice means that this remains the best version.

    22. Countin’ Flowers on the Wall, the Statler Brothers

    Quirky on the surface and ultimately more sinister, this song lightheartedly danced into the mind of a cheerful man losing his grip on reality. Millions of fans embraced its split personality.

    23. Behind Closed Doors, Charlie Rich

    Sexy, sultry Rich was dubbed the Silver Fox when he recorded this sophisticated love song that pointed out the virtues of privacy.

    24. Take This Job & Shove It, Johnny Paycheck

    Oh, come on, there isn’t a rank-and-file wage-earner alive who hasn’t committed Paycheck’s timeless working-class rant to memory.

    25. It’s Only Make Believe, Conway Twitty

    Power ballads like this song, with its building crescendo, helped make the strong-voiced Twitty a staple on the country concert circuit until his death in 1993.

    26. Walking the Floor Over You, Ernest Tubb

    Though Tubb had a voice only a bullfrog could love, the straightforward lyrics and easy melody

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  • 1 decade ago

    hi try the eagles job done.

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