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San Francisco Gay pride parade? ?

O.K. now I heard through the grape vine that in the parade there will be Homosexual people having sex in the streets? what exactly if anyone knows does that mean? like actual sexual intercourse or was this blown out of proportion ?


I heard this from a station on TV but when I heard it I thought wouldn't that be indecent exposure? I mean I didn't believe it when I heard it but I wanna know if it's true.

Update 2:

As of right now this day in age even the people you think you should trust the most are believing things that are or seem ridiculous. So I had to question whether or not they (meaning the police or law) would allow people to have actual sexual intercourse in public.

Update 3:

Don't homosexual families with kids go to the parade or is it like 18 and over thing? I know nothing about the parade so forgive me I'm just trying to get the facts before I tell the person who told me this that the TV station she holds in such high regard is wrong.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well I live right next to San Francisco, and let me tell you some of the stuff they do.

    Some wear diapers and flaunt themselves. Some are almost nude. Some are clothed, but are acting flamboyantly and just outright obscene.

    Some are respectable, however.

    MANY grab the nearest guy/girl next to them and start making out with them. They put their hands all over each other and, while it's not exactly having sex, it is indeed sexual in nature.

    I'm gay myself, and I just shake my head at this. Because these gay people can't be respectful of others and show discretion, people in turn look down on us - the MAJORITY of gay people who don't act like this at all. They give we respectable gay people a bad name.

    This is why I will never take part in one of those parades. The IDEA is WONDERFUL. What people actually do is NOT, though.


    The police would never allow sexual intercourse, and in the vast majority of cases, that never happens. HOWEVER, the police don't stop the people from kissing each other and displaying extreme amounts of PDAs.

    They also don't stop the participants of the parade from being exhibitionists, nor do they stop the diaper thing or the flamboyance. The point is that they CAN'T. It's all about being politically correct, and in San Francisco, there are a lot of groups protecting the participants' "rights" to do these kinds of things.

    Trust me, in other cities Gay Pride Parades are NOT as bad as SF's.


    You know, I'm not sure if there is an age limit....I would think not.... but again I really don't know.. sorry. =(

    I would imagine that gay people bring their families, though.

    Source(s): Gay guy living in the SF bay area. Thumbs me down for saying all this if you wish, but it's true. Those kinds of gay people have given the rest of us good gay people an image of immorality. It's terrible.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Its a huge flamboyant parade , but lots of straits attend w their kids , and kids of gay parents are there , and many cops , so you can be sure that there is no public sex .

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  • ©
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    1 decade ago

    I've never been to the pride parades, but logic tells me that what you heard is most likely a HUGE exaggeration.

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  • 4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Trust me if it is true it's not limited to the gay community. There's this thing called "Mardi Gras" ya know where the same thing happens!

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  • Dke
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    1 decade ago

    It's not true, events like that are heavily guarded by police, they wouldn't allow that to happen.

    Source(s): used to live in SF for many years.
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