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mixterrr asked in TravelAustraliaAdelaide · 1 decade ago

I'm a Kiwi looking at moving to Adelaide?

I'm going to be a secondary school teacher next year and basically I'm demoralised with the Labour govt and the ways things are going here in NZ. Many of my good mates are either considering moving to Oz or have already made the move. Want to know:

1. What is the job market like in Adelaide for a secondary school teacher?

2. House prices?

3. Cost of living and what the lifestyle there is like?

Thanks =)


I'm a social sciences teacher.

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  • Brooky
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    1 decade ago
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    Adelaide's quite a nice place, but with the rest of Australia to choose from (and as a secondary teacher you can pick and choose), why on earth would you go there?

    Come to Queensland. Brisbane's housing is more expensive than Adelaide's, but it's not the only great place in Queensland. Avoid the Gold Coast though: it's expensive and not as good as hundreds of other places to live.

    You'll get a decent 2 bedroom unfurnished flat in Brisbane for under $300 per week and the cost of food and other expenses will be about the same as in Adelaide. Houses are expensive to buy in Brisbane itself (400k+), but as you move out of town a bit (nowhere to go outside Adelaide lol) prices become more affordable.

    One of my kids is a teacher here and while she doesn't earn a fortune, she still manages to live pretty well and her salary goes up automatically every year. Ours is the best lifestyle in Australia and we definitely have the best climate: imagine a 3 month long 'winter' where you'll never need a coat again!

    If you're a physics teacher you'll be turning away desperate schools in droves and it's nearly as good for other science teachers. Maths is almost as good and there are jobs going begging in every other department.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    At the moment, house prices are high everywhere in Adelaide. A 2 bedroom townhouse in an average suburb 10km from the city or so will set you back Au$350K to Au$400,000.

    Now prices are at a fairly big high so its really not a good time to invest in property.

    Teachers are underpaid in Australia, and further more South Australia. As a secondary school student, myself, there have been several pupil free days this year because of 'Stop work action'. The action has been going on and off for 3 years now but it does look like they're getting somewhere (very slowly, mind you)

    Adelaide is pretty small (about 1.2 mil people) so it hasn't got any motorways like I've seen in 'Police ten 7' that Kiwi cop show. So at times traffic gets annoying but its not too bad.

    As for lifestyle, I've lived in Melbourne, The Gold Coast and Sydney, but i like Adelaide most of all. I find its a lot more laid back than other cities. The beaches are pretty good as well.

    The best part is its close to great holiday places: the south coast is awesome and only an hour from the city.

    Only downside is firecrackers are only legal up the top end (NT). lol

    Well i hope i helped :)

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  • eaves
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    4 years ago

    Moving To Adelaide

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have provided you links below to the Department of Education and Childrens Services, Independent Schools Association of SA and SA Catholic Schools employment pages. This will give you an idea of the job market.

    House prices range from $200,000 from about 25-30km out of the city North and South to $500,000 from about 10km out of the CBD.

    Adelaide is a great city for families and people who like the outdoors. There is plenty to do and is generally conservative in it's outlook. Cost of living is better than most Australian cities and you can go from the bush to the beach in 30 minutes. There are a number of arts festivals and events like ...Festival Fringe, Womadelaide Festival, City to Bay Fun Run, Bay to Birwood Vintage Car Rally, Schutzenfest, Glendi Festival, Carnivale, Big Day Out(started at Adelaide University) we have lots of green parks and flowers, Norwood Food and Wine Festival, Slowdown IX - Crows v Port charity match, Port Markets, Trash and Treasure Days, Paddys Markets amongst other things. 2 of the best wine regions in the Barossa and McLaren Vale are little more than an hour away. Adelaide is not as busy as the bigger 3 eastern seaboard cities but there is still plenty to do.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hey cuzun !!! ( heehee ) i'm a kiwi trucker heading down those ways this coming week from Tennant Creek ( n.t. ) thinking exactly the same thing. Ain't been there ( Adelaide ) myself either but gettin there. The traffic in brizzy drove me barmy so been lurkin around the territory doin the roadtrain thing. Waz gona head north after here ( to Darwin ) but the wet season coming on n they reakon ya get roasted iffen you ain't used to the heat and anual lay-offs dictated a change of heading southwards. Thanx on yor b-half to the diversity of answers i found on here inadvertantly helping solve my dilema. This be a big island so algood to checkit all out. Funny how I've talked to heapsa born n bred ozzies who ain't checked out the hood .... AT ALL. Come checkit out b4 you lot run outa fuel n they turn out the lites. Besides - the economy is way better here !!! C ya wen we lookin atcha .......

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  • 1 decade ago


    A fellow kiwi moving to Australia! You should be ashamed! Nah jokes.

    Umm well by cousins live over in Oz and the lifestyle is pretty much the same as here in New Zealand, except for the obvious everyone around you talking funny and liking Kangaroos. I lived there for a month and got playfully teased a lot for being a Kiwi. The weather can be quite a shock to the system as well.

    Good Luck mate!

    - Bridie A.k.a Bella.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Adelaide is a great place to live, and has the LOWEST cost of living of all the mainland state capitals. You need to be wary of many uninformed opinions (ie Torri’s comment; Adelaide is a city not a state, she seems to have little idea about Australia, and definitely seems to know nothing about Adelaide) as many Australians tend to be rather parochial about where they live so it can be a little hard to gauge from people's feedback, as we often tend to think out city / state is the “best” and more often than not that’s why they live there, and for those who “bag “other cities, well I leave you to judge them for yourself. For example people from Brisbane are often misled about being in the “sunshine” state because it used to state this on their car’s number plates, though it’s far from true for Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide are much more sunny and have less rainy days than Brisbane, take this weekend past for example, Brisbane was raining and mild, Adelaide warm sunny crystal clear blue skies around 30c, perfect, about 8c warmer than Brisbane. In Adelaide the Entertainment & arts are plentiful, great inexpensive food, café’s, heaps to do especially in Summer and Autumn, ease of accessibility which is a bonus to getaway to locations like the many small towns / villages in the surrounding hills, the nation’s best wine regions and the beaches (Adelaide’s metropolitan area has over 30KM’s of beaches, with wide beaches with calm waters in the far Northern costal historical suburbs, to the beautiful cliff lined beaches in the Southern suburbs, that have their own family and surf culture, with cosmopolitan Glenelg beach lying somewhere in the middle, which boasts countless, bars, restaurants, hotels (of international standards) and a marina), which makes the city pretty special. The climate's pretty good, not much rain though, and can get pretty hot in late summer. I reckon the eastern, south eastern, south western and beach side suburbs are the pick of the suburbs to live in, like all cities you’ll pay more in better suburbs.

    I have included some great links giving a comprehensive rundown comparison of the Australian cities (below), also 2 links from a British emigration site, giving an overview of moving to and living in Adelaide, as mentioned is Australia’s most affordable major state capital to move to and live. (It also has information on other Australian cities), all the best with your move, and please do some research into your move, and do not limit any decisions to some “backyard” options from Yahoo answers alone.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Teachers in Adelaide have been on lots of strike action recently because their conditions are the poorest in the country. Look through the news archives. The State Government is still refusing to budge, despite giving doctors their rises.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Tiger and Orrightf have given you a sensible answer and don't have their head stuck in the sand . I live in Country South Australia and I love this state.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If your going to be a secondary school teacher then the Australian City of Melbourne is for you! The job market for teachers in Melbourne is excellent there are many opportunities.

    There are 3-4 bedroom houses for about $260,000 in the western suburbs of Melbourne (Around the Wyndham Vale/ Werribee area) and they are good quality houses (Underfloor Heating, Master bedrooms, en-suite etc)

    The cost of living is fairly low and the lifestyle is great! :) There are many activities to do and landmarks to visit.

    So the best place for you is not Adelaide it is Melbourne.

    P.S Never move or go to the Mold Coast (Gold Coast) because it sucks (Crowded, Smelly, Unhygienic and down right feral)

    Hope you choose Melbourne.

    Source(s): Common Sense Personal Expirience from other Kiwi's living in Australia
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