My computer runs slow when playing a game?

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Ok, so i have bought a new game called, F.E.A.R. GOLD Edition. I have set it up right i have loaded it and it works fine. But when actually playing the game it runs so slow. Almost more
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  • Dave answered 6 years ago
It sounds like your processor isnt fast enough for the game and you dont have a lot of RAM. Do you try to run other programs when playing the game? Cause your RAM stores temporary information like what yuour doing and by doing multiply things it works you RAM cards big time nd might not be able to do it all at once. Your graphics card might be the problem too. But it does sound like your RAM is low. Check the amount of Ram by going to control panel then system and maintence and look for under System catagorie Amount of ram and tell me how much it says and tell me what kind of processor you have. If you have windows you most likely have intel pentium dual CPU

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Very helpful listing a couple of problems. Also leaving me to answer him with futher help.
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  • Azi Volac answered 6 years ago
    Well... It would be useful to know what your graphics card is, processor, how much RAM you have... After that, I'd either suggest upgrading or try running the disk defragmenter.

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  • Lucas G answered 6 years ago
    Well, have you checked that your computer met the game standered, you will find it around the back or at the bottom of the box.

    If it meets it, and still having problems update your graphic card, maby compaibitly issues, if not, how long has it been since you Disk defragmented? or checked for viruses, anyways hope this helps.
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  • thebard17182 answered 6 years ago
    to be honest you don't list what kind of compter say tower or laptop. secondly if it is a laptop you shouldn't be playing games on it that require crap loads of ram. if your playing on a tower you probably need more ram and best place i can tell you is tiger elecitornics. sorry spell is off. it should help you out
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  • M C lardizzle answered 6 years ago
    get a counsel cuz playin games like fear on the computer suxs but u defiantly need more RAM and to get it talk to someone at best buy or somewere like that
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