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need new romance novels...suggestions please?

i have been obsessed with the twilight series since it first began and i recently read the hunger games and loved how it mixed a little romance with action. can anyone suggest me any romance novels or anything of the sort that you think can top these books?

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    The Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter

    -The Darkest Knight

    -The Darkest Kiss

    -The Darkest Pleasure

    -The Darkest Whisper (to be released in May 2009)

    This series is about Greek mythological immortal warriors that are cursed with demons that are on a quest to find Pandora's Box before their enemies do AND find their true loves along the way

    and also the Atlantis series by Gena Showalter

    -Heart of the Dragon

    -Jewel of Atlantis

    -Nymph King

    and new for 2009 will be Vampire Bride

    with this series you will journey to the underwater world of Atlantis and discover a world full of dragons, nymphs, demons, vampires and more...

    Also by Gena Showalter is the Alien Huntress series:

    -Awaken Me Darkly

    -Enslave Me Sweetly


    -Red Handed

    -Savor Me Slowly

    This series is about female humans uniting to kill male aliens who invade earth, yet don't always hold to their objective.

    How about the young adult book of Oh My Goth by Gena Showalter. A tale about teens in school taking on a fantasy adventure that will leave you bewildered.

    And if you are in the mood for mandrakes (part human/part dragon), gargoyles, wizards, damsels in distress, and heroes with swords that takes you through time to the era of King Arthur after the fall of the knights of the round table, than I suggest the Lords of Avalon series by Kinley MacGregor

    -Sword of Darkness


    -Knight of Darkness

    How about a book by Mercedes Lackey? The Five Hundred Kingdoms is a great adventure fantasy with romance.

    -The fairy Godmother

    -One Good Knight

    -Fortune's Fool

    -Snow Queen (new release in Hardcover only)

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    The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening, and The Struggle.

    Vampire Kisses

    Got Fangs

    Daughters of the Moon: The Goddess of the Night, book 1

    This Lullaby


    Rose Bride: The retelling of The White Bride, and The Black Bride

    Midnight Pearl: The retelling of The Little Mermaid

    Beauty: The retelling of Beauty and the Beast

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    The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

    its a really good book but i don't think anything will EVER top the twilight series... <3

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    A Walk to Remember, Nicholas Sparks.

    The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks.

    Stargirl, Jerry Spinelli (isn't entirely centered around romance, though)

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    Romance novels.

    Dear John by- Nickolas sparks

    Nights in Rodanthe- Nickolas Sparks

    The notebook- Nickolas sparks

    A walk to remember- Nickolas Sparks

    Message in a bottle- Nickolas Sparks

    All good books =)

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    I think you'll like most of these...

    The A List (series of 10) - Zoey Dean

    About the goings on of the teenage children of the rich and famous, contains a wide variety of material - love, hate, jealousy etc. Loved it!

    Girl Meets Boy, Guy Next Door, All American Girl, Avalon High, etc. - Meg Cabot

    I absoloutly love Meg Cabot's books! I would especially recommend the Girl Meets Boy & Guy Next Door as well as the third in that series, I immensly enjoyed them! Some are intended for adults but most for youth and I love them all!

    Lioness Quartet, Wild Magic Quartet, Trickster, etc. - Tamora Pierce

    Tamora Pierce's books are mainly set in the land of Tortall in medieval times, they use the same characters just at different stages of their lives and different books/series' focus on different people. They consist of fighting, magic, love, etc.

    The diaries of kelly ann (2 books) & Jumping to Confusions - by Liz Rettig

    These recount the goings on of an older teenager as she strugles to make decisions and learn to trust in others. The second one, Now or Never is about her relationship with a boy and is funny but romantic and suspencful at the same time.

    It's A Mall World After All - Not sure who wrote it though...

    Comedy of a girl and how she falls in love with her best friend's boyfriend's bestfriend while stalking her friend's boyfriend in an attempt to prove he is a lying cheating scumbag. A very good read & lovey but funny at the same time.

    I'd Tell You I Love You But I'd Have to Kill You - Ally Carter

    About a girl brought up as a spy and enrolled in a leading spy school who falls in love with an ordinary boy and can’t tell him who she actually is. Funny. There is a second in the series called To Spy or Not to Spy, it’s just as good.

    Possibly the S.A.S.S. series - Numerous Authors

    About the travels of students and what happens to them on their stay - love etc. Not brill but an ok read

    Inheritance Cycle - Christopher Paloini

    Love them, you have to read them, Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr!

    Sweet Valley High Books - ???

    I can’t remember who wrote these but they’re a pretty good read even if they are kind of old. If you’re into series’s these are good as their’s over 100 books

    The Last Summer (Of You and Me) - Ann Brashares

    A good book but immensly sad, it is probably better for older teens or adults.

    I have more suggestions if you want to hear them, just contact me or check out my website,

    Hope you find something you like here!

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    if u love twilight, then maybe u should check out dark fantasy romance like Tithe by Holly Black.. awesome book, its got evil faeries, wars, intrigue and romance of course..the sequels are Valiant and Ironside.

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    anything by nicolous sparks is great! and also the gate crasher by shopie -------- i forgot the last name but its kinda like wedding crashers but she does it to funerals, its entertaining

    water for elephants by sara gruen is amazing too, although it is not a super romance novel it has some in there, its mainly adventure but it is so so so so so good

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    If Tomorroww Comes- by Sydneye Sheldon (any of his books are awesome he is my favorite author)!!!

    The TimeTraveler's Wife

    The Harry Potter books are great too!!! (I know sounds corny but is good) :)

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    i read dark prince and dark gold and all the ones in that series and absolutly loved them theyr by Christine Feehan theyr vampire type books and amazing i went thru them really fast cuz they were so good.

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