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Should paparazzi be banned?..Why?..Why not?

I have to do a persuasive essay and speach on this topic, but it's hard because reading other peoples opinion is making me double think about things. Its just too late to change it

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    yes, they actually killed Diana, the princess of whales because they followed her everywhere, and when she was running away and hiding from them, she got killed (i think by a car) PAPARAZZI'S FAULT!! not hers =[

  • No not really, believe it or not most of these celebrities enjoy being in the spot light, they might not admit it, but once the paparazzi stop checking on them that pretty much determine their status in holly weird. Also I saw Lindsay Logan doing an interview about the paparazzi and she was saying how one time she didn't see them and was wondering where they were at. I'm pretty sure other celebrities think that way to. So the paparazzi may at times annoy them, but when they stop they start to worry. No publicity means you are a has-been.

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    I bet you if the paparazzi were banned, the celebrities would lack self esteem because they didn't have a huge flock of people drooling over them and hollywood life just wouldn't be the same.

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    Yes, I wondered how a papparazzi would like it if people were shoving cameras up their nose every time they stepped foot outside. If you wanna look at celebrities so bad go to the movies.

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    I don't think they should be baned. But should give them some space.

    I mean a celeb is just like u nd me, but there on a screen.

    And your totall right, it's too late to change anything.xx

  • They shouldn't be banned, but there should be boundaries. It's their job to take pics of celebrities, but they are going to far.

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    they shouldnt because then you wouldnt get any pictures of the celebritys

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