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College Algebra Question?

I need help with this algebra problem solving question and I need for someone to explain how to do the problem instead of just telling me the answer. Thank you I really appreciate it.

PROBLEM: The apartments in joan's apartment house are consecutively numbered on each floor. the sum of his number and his next door neighbors number is 1419. What are the two numbers?

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    consecutive numbers go in order 1, 2, 3, 4 so on

    so if Joan's apartment is x

    the apartment next door is x + 1


    x + x + 1 = 1419; combine like terms

    2x + 1 = 1419

    2x = 1418; divide by 2

    x = 709

    so one apartment is 709 and the next one is 710

    Source(s): I teach my 7th graders to answer these type of questions
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    you would divide by 2 because the numbers are consecutive

    1419/2 = 709.5

    since the houses are consecutive numbers, round up and down for both numbers.

    709 and 710.

    709 + 710 = 719

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    Well, you know that the two rooms are next to eachother, numbered consecutively, therfore telling us that they are one off.

    Divide 1419 by 2 = 709.5. - Round up and down to the nearest integers. Then, you know that the two numbers are 709 and 710.

    Source(s): AP Stats, years of Math
  • Which side is his next do neighbour? If we take his number to be n, it could be n+(n+1), or n+(n-1)= 1419.

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    try using this approach:



    then do....

    x+1=y = x-y=-1

    try solving it from there by taking the two equalities, now



    ...using substitution.

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    trick question

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