If my girlfriend sucks in bed should I let her go ?

Problem my girlfriend sucks in bed. Even after I show her what I like and how to do it. The problem is we click perfectly personality wise. But I LOVE sex. I feel if I continue to date her I will most likely cheat on her to satisfy my sexual needs. Should I let her go ? What should I do ?
Update: LOL . I knew somebody was going to say that. Well thats not true she calls me to come over all hours. :P I dont think she would be doing that if she didnt like it .
Update 2: I want good sex AND good personality. See thats one of many problems the dating world has ...people settle. People will settle for good personality with sucky sex or great sex with poor personality. Go ahead and settle lady . I bet you will hate your future relationships and you will get divorced many times. Out
Update 3: Aki face it he's cheating on you. Bottom line nothing is wrong with wanting sexually and personality compatible with each other, mather fact thats how it should be. Why are you arguing this ?
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