I want to start home delivery of food from fine dining restaurants please help?

Hi there i am planning to start small business of food delivery, can any one help me in guiding doos & donts. Also how should i set up an agreement with these restaurants & what margin of GP you would look at these kind of business. I have few contacts already,,, should i also need to make my web site just for marketing pourpose. If anyone has details please email them to me at shailesh.1976@gmail.com.

Thank you

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    I don't know if this is that great of an idea. It sounds good but if you are delivering from multiple places to multiple residences the time expectation is going to be high. This will compromise the quality of the food. Lots of things aren't delivered because they won't taste right after being transported. Pizzas work well because they need to rest after being cooked. Anything fried won't be good after about 10 minutes. Salads that would normally be served on a chilled plate will get soggy and warm during a car ride if they are packaged with hot food.

    How are you going to deal with complaints and replacements? People that order from you are most likely going to call the restaurant to complain. If you are making a delivery from somewhere else how are you going to find time to correct these problems.

    Most fine dining managers with some sense aren't going to want anything to do with you. If you are delivering their food they need to have extra liability insurance to cover you if you get in an accident. Also, if someone gets food poisoning from something you deliver who would take responsiblity for that. Anywhere that caters has to have their food transport vehicles and equipment inspected by the health department. Plus if the place already caters they probably don't need to outsource the shipment of their food. If you plan on delivering on a smaller scale like a few dinners to a family how much are you going to tack on as a delivery charge? If its more than $5.00 no one is going to be willing to pay that and tip too. If you only get a few orders a week its not going to be worth it. Since you are your own company you wouldn't get paid by the hour. If you are delivering for multiple restaurants no one wants to support their competition.

    Would people call you to place orders or the restaurant? How would you deal with several people ordering from different restaurants?

    Your best bet is to just get a job as a delivery driver for a place that already does deliveries. Part of the appeal of fine dining is the atmosphere and service, neither of these things could be included with home delivery.

    If you do plan on pursuing this you really want to contact your insurance agent and the local health department.

    Source(s): Years or food service and delivery experience, daughter of a health inspector
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    Agree! She said it! I've been in the food industry for 40 years. The liability is too high and the majority of owners would not go for this. Not too mention the price of fuel... How were you intending to make money?

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    citykitt gave you the best answer. I was in the food business for 30 years and I cannot add anything to her answer. She deserves the 10 points.

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