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Can HIV live on open lancet thing? please reply ASAP thank you?

Lancet that you get in blood glucose monitor.If the lancet has the twisty thing taken off is it still air tight? Also can HIV live in used lancets that are in the pen thing?


I got pricked in the elbow by one of these not a deep cut though it was very shallow and it bled it was a can this spread HIV?

Update 2:

the person did have hiv

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    If a lancet was exposed to HIV-containing blood, then it might be capable of infecting someone else if it contacts their blood.

    This is a smaller risk of infection compared to an accidental needle stick, because the glucose lancets are small and are not hollow, but there is still a risk. Many areas have free clinics, and in some cases they might be able to give you a course of antivirals, which is what they do for doctors who get accidental needle sticks.

    Go to your local HIV clinic and get tested. It is much more important to know.

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    See an HIV clinic to talk to someone who can get more specific details of your specific incident. They may want to begin you on a program just to watch you carefully. You don't want to wait and go later--it's best to see someone in person who can get the details. The chances are lower, because the needle was not hollow, but there is still a small risk and it would also depend on how long the blood had been sitting on the lancet, etc.

    Call your health department.

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    Yes it can live for a short time on the lancet. Did the person have HIV?

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    If the person who used it had HIV, and if it was very recently, there is a chance. It is a small one, however. The statistics from nurses who get needle sticks from known HIV patients show that only about 3% get infected. See a doctor is you're worried.

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    Yes it can live, if you got pricked with a Needle you should go for a Test ASAP. better to know then not to know...also get books and read up on HIV, that will help to get a better understanding of things..

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    I have answered this question before, more than once.

    You even picked my answer as Best (Please refer to my previous answers.), and added me to your Contacts.

    If you've done all of that, why are you still asking the question?

    If you are still so concerned, GET TESTED!

    Getting tested is the ONLY way to know for sure whether or not you are infected. Repeating questions on YA will not tell you whether or not you are infected.

    Source(s): I do HIV education and testing.
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