what are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

the holidays are coming up!! what are some of your favorite traditions? it can be any holiday. it can be halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, hanukkah (did i spell it right), kwanzaa (again, did i spell it right?), anything! it doesn't even have to be in this season! it can be easter, st. patrick's day, v-day, whatever! just think what you and your family do every year that makes you look forward to the holidays.

i just enjoy thanksgiving because my family always comes to my house and my uncle does the best pumpkin pie ever! and then we all just gather around the table and give our thanks and then when we're finished we get up and dance and fall asleep like at 3 in the morning or even later. my whole family sleeps over my house. the next day we don't go shopping, we get set up for christmas!! all of my cousins are like 15 and younger so they all get excited we start cleaning the house with christmas music on and just start setting up the christmas tree. it's so much fun. i'm 19 and i love spending this day with my 16 year-old sister and all of my younger cousins and my aunt and mom help us too. it's like we all take a day off and just decide to spend that day together.

and then on christmas eve everyone comes to my house again always around 6 at night. my mom with help of my aunts and uncle start cooking a big meal for all of us. we dance to spanish christmas music and then at around 1130 p.m we start reading the novena [its this book we read at our house nine days before christmas. it tells us the story of jose and maria and how they went to bethlehem and tells how baby jesus was born] then we wait until 12:00 midnight and then we start opening our presents. but we don't get up and start opening ours. somebody sits by the christmas tree and picks a present and reads their name outlouad and gives them their present. we all wait to hear our names and then open our presents. when we're all done we dance and drink some more until we pass out until the next day when we wake up to our aunts cooking us breakfast. and i love the smell of the morning after christmas and just watching my cousins playing with their new toys. its just a beautiful feeling.

i want you guys to share yours with me. so just write them down. i don't care how long it is i will read them all i promise. i think it's pretty cool reading other peoples different traditions

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    Here are some of our family traditions:

    Kids make a ornament every year to hang on the tree

    My husband, my kids, and I make cookies, chocolates, and fruit baskets for friends, family, and the elderly who don't have anyone.

    We go on a sleigh ride

    On Christmas Eve we load up the kids in car and look at all the Christmas lights

    My whole family takes new toys, food, and house hold items to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

    My kids pick a Charity angel from the tree and we help them pick out gifts for the family in need.

    My husband buys me a teddy bear with the year on the foot every year. I have one for every Christmas we have been together.

    My husband and I exchange our gifts on Christmas Eve so we can watch the kids open there gifts in the morning.

    My husband, my kids, and I decorate the tree and house together. We listen to Christmas music and drink hot chocolate while we decorate.

    We buy Christmas pajamas for our kids and they open them on Christmas Eve and wear them to bed so they have them on in the morning.

    My kids leave Cookies and Milk out for Santa and carrots for his reindeer.

    I make a big breakfast and dinner on Christmas

    Friends and family come to my house on Christmas

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    I absolutley love Thanksgiving!! It is my favorite tradition time and then comes christmas but this a christmas based tradition. On thanksgiving all of my family wakes up and all the kids watch the parades while my parents start to make the dinner. After an hour or 2 of parades I go and help my mother in the kitchen. I mash the potatoes, stuff the turkey, stir the corn, and lots more! When everything is being cooked my family and I spend time with eachother. We talk, laugh, and just pure family things. Then if we are going to a relatives we pack up everything and drive. Normally we just stay at home. So we set the table with a beautiful table cloth and tall red candles. Then we put on the place mats, napkin holders, and little salt and pepper shakers, plates, and utensils. Then we bring out the hot steaming dishes and serve them to eachother. Then we dig in! Then we sleep. Then the day after that we go Downtown!! We see the beautiful displays and go for the awesome sails. After we walk around we go and eat lunch for about an hour. Afterwords we go and take pictures with "santa" and then we rush to see the humungous tree light up with all the carolers around. Then we all go to the toy store pick one thing out, go grab some mcdonalds, and just go home to another night of wonderful sleep.

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    We have three large roast dinners. One on Christmas eve where it's just immediate family and maybe Grandparents. Christmas Day just consists of us having dinner. And then on New Years Day where we have all the family round! It brings the family together along the Holiday season.

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    For us, we have several family traditions that were started many years ago, that we have kept the same, or twisted slightly. One is, on Christmas Eve, we gather at someone's house (usually mine) and have a large family party that all of the family invites other family members (from in laws side) and friends, and anyone we think might be alone. I usually have hot homemade cocoa, marshmallows, coffee and a spread to die for (ham, potatoes, pies, and so on). We go outside and have a wonderful bonfire, roast marshmallows and drink hot cocoa, then come inside when the kids can't take it anymore. We talk about how tired we are, and maybe skipping the present opening and just eating and going to bed? Then one of my brothers (a pastor) offers to give the Christmas blessing to the children. They all line up and he and whomever wants to, can add blessings and prayers over that child, each child receives their blessings and we are all in a warm and fuzzy mood, full of cocoa and smelling the ham, turkey or whatever and knowing that good food is around the corner. Then we line all the kids up on the floor and hand out the presents. No one, and I mean NO ONE goes home without something in their hands. One year, we had a 150 people and kids and no one went without food or a present. When all that is done, we bless the food and eat. It is followed by dessert and coffee or tea, while the kids help clean up the chaos. Then we pack them out the door. They go home happy, content and they sleep in for Christmas at their families home, which the parents LOVE! For Thanksgiving, we usually go to my sister in laws Mothers home and all her family and mine, my brothers and other family members coming in from around the world are there. We all usually bring at least one dish, and drinks. We gather together and have a prayer for the country, for our families, and for our hostess and then we are blessed, the food is blessed and we chow down. It is so fun! We might have a missionary family in from Africa, from Morocco, from Germany or from LA, TN, or NJ. You just never know! It is fun to talk, for the kids to play together, and to know that we are all loved and can come together and be who we are. Afterward, we mingle, we clean up, and we drag ourselves home to bed. On Easter, we might go to my Mothers, she goes all out with the food, and again, its all family and any friends we might come across that are alone, or who would like to come. She usually breaks out her very best china, and the table is a glittering lovely festive table set with the very best. Even the kids tables glisten with real silver and real china. We have a blessing of the food and the family. I usually give baskets, made of all kinds of things (maybe something in their favorite color, a certain thing I found that I know they have been saving for) filled with favorite candies and treats. I may have worked on them since January (since there are so many kids). The kids think its more fun then Christmas sometimes! All our holidays begin and are based on being thankful for what we have, thinking of others who may not have as much or who are fighting for us in other countries, alone and unloved or unfed, we bless others, bless the family, our hosts and hostesses and pray. God has blessed us greatly and we wish to share that with others. We do not live a restricted life. But it is filled with things money cannot possibly buy, and with things that just enhance our lives together. Hope this is what you were looking for! Enjoy your holidays!

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    on christmas eve my family makes tamales for christmas dinner. after we stay up all night and open presents... i love it.

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    Well what are Christmas traditions,

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    now I have to go put on Christmas music. [:

    first off, I LOVE the holidays because it's so cheerful and everyone is in a good mood. It's truly the most wonderful time of the year [:

    I don't believe in Santa in the sense that he's a big man that lives in the north pole with elves and makes every toy in the world, and delivers them to every house at exactly midnight on Christmas.

    I do believe in the whole idea behind a Christmas figure that represents love, joy, happiness, etc. besides Jesus. [:

    the day after thanksgiving, we start playing Christmas music in the house/car. (I listen to it whenever on my iPod, like now :D)

    I start decorating my room in November, lol. I have lights and little decorations, and a little fake 2-ft tree. my friend and I made fabric countdown calendars from Dec 1 - Christmas day.

    first week of December, we do outside decorations. sadly my dad loves those blow ups, so we have like 7 of them =/...Id be fine with 2. lol. I put lights around the porch roof, and set up the manger scene. we also have those deer and sleigh, with the white lights.

    then I start inside. we get our tree about 2 weeks prior to Christmas, my mom and I decorate it. we get an 8 or 9 footer, and we LOAD it. we have so many ornaments from all of our family over the years. and like 5 strings of lights. heh.

    here's our tree: http://s224.photobucket.com/albums/dd116...

    that's me with my long(er) hair. and I look 9-ish. hah I'm 15 though.

    then I hang up stockings, here's the picture of our mantle from last year: http://s224.photobucket.com/albums/dd116...

    it's my grandmom, dad, mom, me, nick (bro); Anthony (bro), Kim (sis-in-law); Tasha (sis), Emma (niece), Sammie (niece), Dan (bro-in-law); Brian (bro), Cailin (niece), Erin (niece), Megan (niece), Heidi (sis-in-law); Rolly (bro), Margie (sis-in-law); Bebe (cat), and this year we have to add Nala, our kitten.

    we're running out of room! we gave up on stocking holders; we just put nails in it.

    then in our kitchen we have all this space above our cabinets. and my mom has about 30 snow globes, so I arrange them on top of the cabinets with batting and lights: http://s224.photobucket.com/albums/dd116...

    roughly what it looks like, but for some reason I didn't take a picture with the lights off, and on our main cabinets. it looks awesome though.

    then I'm just constantly wrapping and making presents throughout December, I make presents for all of my siblings because I'm very crafty and I thinks it's more personal. they usually like food... [;

    Christmas eve, a bunch of my family comes over for a late dinner, and we eat Oplatki (Christmas wafers) and honey. then my mom and I go to church with my sister and 2 nieces. we used to drive past the farmer near our house, his whole field would be decorated magnificently, it was roughly like this: http://media.photobucket.com/image/chris...

    there was a Santa giving out little toys to the families with younger kids who drove by, there was Christmas music playing, it was such a tradition. sadly the farmer has gotten older, and doesn't do it anymore :[

    when we get home, we each open one present, read the original The Night before Christmas, and go to bed. (well, my dad and I do, my mom stays up wrapping my presents [; )

    Christmas morning, I get up and wait for my mom to get up (all my siblings have moved out. my single brother might stay the night Christmas Eve, though). then we open our stockings first, and then presents. around ten we're done, and my mom starts making egg's benedict. my neighbors come over, and my aunt and uncle. we all eat breakfast, and get ready for the rest of my huge family to come over for dinner.

    they usually come around 3, and the girls help make dinner. we all gather in the kitchen/living room and chat until dinner. here's our dining room at Christmas: http://s224.photobucket.com/albums/dd116...

    we have to bring in our kitchen table for my nieces and I, (we're not in the picture cause we finis heating pretty quick lol. there's usually a few people hanging around the kitchen.)

    after dinner we congregate in the living room with Christmas tunes and presents, the tree is a mountain of gifts. for the older siblings we do a Pollyanna because that would just be way too expensive. (except for my home made gifts.) but for our nieces and my parents, and other random gifts, it's crazy.



    that's not even everybody; some people are in the kitchen, which is pretty much open to the living room.


    Source(s): ........ we do gifts, have dessert, and everyone stays until the younger kids get tired. people slowly trickle out, clean up (of dishes anyway) starts, and I take my stuff to my room. I fall asleep with a smile on my face, and start dreaming of next year's Christmas. ~♥MERRY CHRISTMAS!♥~
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