Ever happened with you?

Ever happened that you get haunted by a person in your dreams every night! You know that person though & that person always comes in your dreams...

Can anyone tell me why does it happens??

Thanks for answering!


Edit-By haugnting i mean,that person always comes in your dreams..,and just you cant get that person out of your head..

Update 2:

oops sorry for the mistake,its "haunting"

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    the other posters have done a great job answering this question. i just want to add something .You said that you cant get that person out of our head? Have you studied your emotions about this person/as you mention he/she is real and you them/.Look at the way those dreams make you feel.Human's Subconscious is a strange thing that we cant always understand. Dreams are often triggered from something in reallife - situation,action, words,emotion. Look into that, and try to understand it. Perhaps that's why you have re-occurring dreams of this person.

    Anyways, good luck

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    Go ahead, do the following simple steps, it will help you a lot…


    Relax before bedtime. Meditate, take a hot bath, drink herbal tea or do mild stretching exercises.


    Clear your mind of worries. Make a list of problems and possible solutions, and then look at them the next day.


    Avoid watching the evening news, horror movies or movies with graphic violence right before bed.


    Eat a light snack such as milk or yogurt. Both contain calcium and tryptophan, which can have a relaxing effect.


    Avoid fatty and spicy foods, which could cause gas and, in turn, nightmares.


    Give up smoking. Nicotine has been linked to certain sleep disorders.


    Stop using any drugs that are not essential to your health and well-being.


    Write down your nightmare when you wake up in a dream journal. Try to figure out how it relates to your life at present to prevent it from recurring.

    Good Luck

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    Well the first poster gave really good advice.

    For me personally since I have so many deceased friends now (since I am older now) I vew them as my friends. And even in memory now or in dream I see them the same way not as dead but as living. They interact with me in normal every day activity. Not as ghosts but as friends as they were with me in days gone by.

    I suppose in the end it is normal and not as abnormal as you may think. I would say don't worry about it.

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    The answer to your question is in a quotation of Dr. Singh on 'Human Nature and Development', as below,

    "The good and bad, the joyful and scary; feelings, thoughts, speech, actions and reactions etc., are a consequence of our own thoughts, imaginations, speech and actions, so shall one reap as one shall sow, you know garbage in garbage out! To verify this principle it is easy, act with kindness, love not lust, forgiveness, care for others and not to criticize and jeer or make fun, also ignore but pray for those who do/misbehave and for oneself to be Blessed with wisdom; you will see the results."

    Hope that helps and answers your question.

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    this person who haunted you every night did you have anything that must repay like you owe him a lot, but you doesn't repay it back to him. you must think carefully what thing you you doesn't do to him?? what debt you owe between him...or you must ask a forgiveness for what thing you have done to him/her.

  • Varun
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    1 decade ago

    It never happened with me . No one is haunting me i guess.

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    SORRY BUT CANNOT SAY...BUT may be it has some relation with ur life or ur previous one....or it is a warning to future..

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    its because you may be having some feelings for that person

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The more you think more you will feel more.Change your topic even then.Don't ask now about it even & forget about it that is a best method.No one will come in your mind

  • its either cuz u like them.

    or cuz u actually hate them and the harder u try to get away from them, the harder they come and hit u back. by tht i mean tht the more they come to ur mind.

    soo just think. its one of these.

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