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the important of basic law to hk,

why iis it important basic law to hk?

china is a source of law to hk?

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    The Basic Law is sometimes known as the constitution of Hong Kong (although strictly speaking it is not a constitution since Hong Kong is not a country)

    The Basic Law has taken effect since 1 July 1997.

    It is very important to Hong Kong due to its various objectives:

    1. It protects the human rights of Hong Kong citizens, such as the freedom of speech

    2. It limits the power of the HKSAR and the Central Government

    3. It stipulates the powers, obligations and make up of the HKSAR government

    4. It ensures the implementation of the Sino-British Joint Declaration to realise the idealogy of one country, two system.

    The Basic Law is the most highly-placed law in Hong Kong. No law in Hong Kong may contravene it.

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