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請各位大大誰可以提供我哈利波特地3集阿茲卡班的逃犯的英文劇情簡介 希望內容可以豐富一點(也就是簡介多一點) 卸卸喔!!感謝大大的幫忙

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    Rowling's third book opens with Harry Potter enduring another summer at the Dursleys', which is broken only by a news report about an escaped convict, Sirius Black, and a visit from Vernon's sister, Marge. When Marge viciously insults Harry's family, he loses his temper and inflates her, causing her to float away. Furious and distressed, Harry decides to run away. After a bad scare, when Harry believes he sees a black dog staring at him from a clump of bushes, the Knight Bus appears and takes him to the Leaky Cauldron. Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge is waiting for Harry at the door of the Leaky Cauldron, much to everyone's surprise. Harry is certain Fudge will expel him from Hogwarts for using under-age magic, but, surprisingly, the matter is dropped. While staying at the Leaky Cauldron, Harry overhears Mr and Mrs Weasley arguing over whether he should or should not be warned about Black, because they believe that Black escaped from prison with the intent to kill Harry.

    There are a few changes at Hogwarts as Harry begins his third year. Hermione is taking a double course load, including some that are taught simultaneously. Two new teachers join the staff: Professor Remus J. Lupin for Defence Against the Dark Arts and, to Harry, Ron and Hermione's delight, Rubeus Hagrid for Care of Magical Creatures. Lupin's lessons are enjoyable but Hagrid's soon become dreary. During the first class, Draco Malfoy is attacked by the hippogriff Buckbeak after he called Buckbeak a "great ugly brute." Draco's father, Lucius Malfoy, files a complaint against Hagrid who then resorts to teaching them about the extremely boring animals 'Flobberworms.'

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    Plot的部份 (就是簡介)

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