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HI all,

I plan to pregnant soon.

The problem is I and my husband stay different location because of work.

I will meet him on 22 oct to 30 oct.

On 6 and 7 oct i did take the pill to let the period come early.

Some how until now my period still havent come yet.

I did my body measurement as below.

Want to ask on 8 and 9 oct my measurement high is that mean the perido will come soon ?

When my period will come ?








10-Oct-08 36.5

11-Oct-08 36.3

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    I bet the basal body temperature on Oct 8-9 indicates the ovulation period. Therefore, if your normal cycle spans 28 days, your next period will come on Oct 22-23. This would be under normal conditions, without taking pills. However, since you have taken pills on Oct 6-7, your normal cycle must have been disturbed. Your period is likely to come earlier and falls between Oct 19-20. If you plan to meet your husband between Oct 22-30, there is little chance for you to get pregnant.

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