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    1 decade ago
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    As my thought, love was just happened in a moment between me and him. Just a moment when we were in front of the night-blooming cereus, that moment, I was loved him.

    May be he likes the ambiguous or romantic times, I'm not sure or not care.

    Even just a moment but thats worth a love.

    Thereafter, that is a journey for seeking warm and pleasant feeling. When times goes by, somethings becoming a habit and both are to be responsible.

    Not a big deal even not going together.

    I just hope, once I try to remember, I still can deeply feel that heart beat, intoxicated, happinese. All in my memory.

    Thats all enough in my momery.

    Both we dont want to let it go and dont know the answer, but we are really tired about this.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Think of now, I and his love is in fact an occurrence for an instant.Bring me to see a Tan flower at him, that puzzling and short flower blossoms time and I think that I have already fallen in love with him.

    What he love is probably also a moonlight to be fond of Meng of a past.In fact that has been all right already.

    A feeling, want occurrenceonly, which afraid only have for an instant also already enough.

    Afterwards of the time Be just an itinerary that looks for warmth and pleasant sensation.Walking more longly is more far, more become a habit, then, feel is accustomed to being responsible for for this.

    In fact don't also have no together what.

    I as long as think of of time, toss however can the clear feeling till then waits of move, the fan inebriates, happiness.

    As long as you remember, enough.

    We all start to be tired, but the unwilling to let go open a hand, don't know where answer is again.

    Source(s): 曾經在美國住了幾年
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