Can Someone recommend any good horror movies that come on tv?

Excluding pay per view, on demand, etc. Only things that come hbo, starz, etc.

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    scifi does 31 days of halloween which began october 1st and ends on halloween, and features over 250 hours of horror and sci-fi movies, miniseries and originals. includes tv shows and movies such as: ghost hunters live (on halloween night), scare tactics, afterdark films, the grudge, saw, freddy vs. jason, night of the living dead.

    amc's monsterfest x is a 10 day marathon of horror movies that starts october 22nd and ends on halloween. films include: children of the corn, nightmare on elm street, halloween, child's play, hellraiser, friday the 13th, the exorcist, basically the classic horror movies.

    abc family does 13 nights of halloween which starts tomorrow - which is a bit more family oriented, if thats more of what youre looking for. includes tv shows and movies such as: the haunted mansion, the addams family, scariest places on earth, beetlejuice, teenage mutant ninja turtles, teen witch, scooby doo. i'm pretty sure disney and nickelodeon also have a marathon similar to this.

    out of these movies, i'd recommend:

    1. saw

    2. halloween

    3. child's play

    4. nightmare on elm street

    as for hbo and starz, i'm unsure. i only have basic cable haha.

    i'd also recommend you to rent these:

    1. texas chainsaw massacre (old or new)

    2. vacancy

    3. the descent

    4. the strangers - will be out on dvd soon.

    5. wrong turn

    hope this helped.

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    Bones can be pretty scary too...

    these are Tv shows though, but they're free

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