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Mean man feeds nails and glass to neighbors dog.?

What should be done to this man???

Police charged a man with animal cruelty after he confessed to feeding two dogs meatballs that were mixed with nails and broken glass.

On Sunday morning, Deborah Rogers woke up to learn that her dogs, Shadow and Pepper, were not feeling well.

"I took a stick and shoved [the meat] and seen something shiny, and I saw there was glass in there and a bunch of little nails in there, and my dogs had ate some of it," said Rogers.

On Friday, Brett Kolarik, 41, of the North Side, confessed to feeding the materials to the dogs, police said.

Frustrated by what he considered to be nuisance barking, Kolarik allegedly fed the meatballs to the dogs, police said.

Rogers rushed the animals to an emergency clinic where Dr. Kenton Rexford confirmed through X-rays that both dogs did indeed ingest nails and glass.

The doctor said, "We elected as our first step to try to induce vomiting. There is some risk to that because there could be some risk to the esophagus will be damaged as that material comes out."

However, both pets required life-saving surgery to remove the glass and nails.

The Animal Care and Assistance Fund has offered to help raise the necessary funds for the dogs' surgeries. Those who wish to make donations to the ACAF can call 412-348-2588.

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    He should pay the vet bills and he should face criminal charges. At the very least, he should have to perform community service.

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    He should eat some nails!(Just kidding)

    Pay a high fine Had to volunteer at an animal shelter.

    He should have just filed a complaint or wore earplugs.

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    thats horrible

    he should be forced to ingest broken glass and nails. and pay for all the medical expenses that the dogs are probably going to need for a very very long time. what a jerk!!!

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    For starts, I think he should be forced to pay the entire vet bill!

    He should also be fined and jailed for 2 counts of animal abuse, since he fed the tainted meat to 2 dogs.

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  • Like everything else. it is the public that needs to work the elected officials. Pets are not property.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OH MY GOD!

    that story gave me the shivers and i started to get all teary. omg that is so cruel, i wish i could do the same to him,

    i hope he burns in hell for that.

    If i live in the us i would donate but unfor i am in aus.

    I hope those doggies live a strong full-filled life.

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    Thats so sad adn tragic!! I feel horrible for dogs and other pets that are asbused like these ones.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He should pay the caring bill of the dog for the rest of his life, be put in jail, and pay a penalty fine. a big one. because i said so. becuase i love dogs. ):(

  • Kara V
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    1 decade ago

    call the aspca and report that guy and make sure the news of what he did gets around and i bet by the time everybody hears about what that guy did he will get lynched like he deserves

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    I always say if you are going to do something mean to someone or something. The same should be done to you but slower and more painful.

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