What are some flowers in these colors?

I'm getting married in a year and I would like some ideas on what kinds of flowers I should go with. I want ones that would be reflective of autumn and stand the cold since we're having an outdoor wedding. I already know I'm going to carry a single strand with two white orchids and a small red velvet ribbon tied around the strand. I will be wearing a antique yellow lack and satin gown with another red velvet ribbon tied at my empire waist line. My maid of honor will be wearing a dark violet gown. I need to find flowers to keep with this theme. So those are my colors: dark red, dark violet, and pale yellow that will be autumn appropriate and beautiful too.


Right, a location. Sorry! I live in Chicago.

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    All of these colors are represented in the following flowers, which also bloom and hold up well in autumn arrangements:




    Roses come in dark red and pale yellow, but no dark violet

    Fall-blooming Asters (Michaelmas Daisies)

    There are, of course, non-seasonal flowers available that fit your bill, including Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily); stocks are deliciously fragrant and come in a luscious deep and double violet; lilies come in reds and pale yellows.

    Do not forget the decorative berries and fruits and foliages available for arrangements in the fall.

    It is fall right now---a simple trip to a florist, florists' wholesale supply house, and even to grocery/department stores with a large floral area, and taking copious notes, will help you to understand what is readily available at this time of year, and what is pricey and out of season. Many florists will have on hand a printout of what you can expect them to have on hand for the time of year you are planning your wedding.

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    Mums, come in yellows/golds, violet/purple. They also come in different sizes. There is also a mum(chrysanthemum) called a Spider Mum. It's just a different look, larger bloom, usually.

    Asters are another choice.

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    Snapdragons, Mums and different Salvias are three that I can think of. These are all fall flowers here in Texas. I don't know where you are being married (this would be a helpful piece of the puzzle).

    Source(s): I am a Texas Certified Master Nursery Person, and I have been in the business for over 30 years.
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    mums are a very traditional fall flower and can be found in most shades

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