I want a GPS that has Mexico and US maps. I want it to be under $120?

I want a GPS that has US and Mexico maps.

I live on Tijuana, but sometimes I go to San Diego, and other California places.

PLZ Help me!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I haven't seen any with maps of Mexico. The mapping function is done by a company that actually drives each road with a GPS recording device. It takes a couple of years for them to get a new map out even with a large number of drivers who are accumulating the information.

    I don't think they've mapped Mexico. It isn't offered as any of the map packages on TomTom or Garmin.

  • 4 years ago

    each and every physique is telling you to ditch the GPS for the reason which you ought to at the start understand a thank you to navigate with map and compass. I won't even attempt to describe a thank you to apply a map and compass at here intimately because of the fact there is purely too plenty suggestion and you may prefer to be interior the sphere to suitable study all of it. In my adventure a stable compass and map are extra precise and solid than a GPS. remember my adventure comes with training in Marine Corps Infantry. those that bypass into the bush ought to understand a thank you to suitable use a map and compass. that's not no longer simple to verify and in case you maintain your skills up it is surprisingly relaxing. as quickly as you have solid map and compass skills then you definately can convey interior the GPS gadgets in case you prefer. i do no longer use one yet I even have no longer something against them. you ought to purely understand a thank you to apply what does not place self assurance in batteries. GPS gadgets may well be obtainable and relaxing to apply purely be risk-free and understand what you're doing.

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    GPS receivers come in a variety of formats, from devices integrated into cars, phones, and watches, to dedicated devices such as those shown here from AGRITURA >>> http://www.agritura.com/index.php/cat/c211_GPS-Nav...

    Well, you can wander everywhere in the world, without knowing geographical informaiton about the location. It's really great to have such wonder-device operated on your Finger-tips, isn't it?

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