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Do these computer parts fit together?

hey guys I'm building a computer and was just wondering if these parts will fit together with no problems.

Update 2:

I don't want the very best computer i just want to play warhammer online because my computer sucks and can't play it i am aiming for a price range of 600-700 dollars and i am probably going to get windows vista the first version so just 3gb of ram

and the replies were kinda mixed can someone go over it again and give me a definite response to whether the parts will fit together. Thankyou

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    Your graphics card will fit, but cant tell from image of the power supply if it has the plug required for most graphics cards that are high end. Judging from the specs, the answer here is probably not. meaning you cant use the card even if it fits together which it will.

    Second, this will not support a SATA type drive. Since this is the current standard, I recommend getting a board / Power supply that does.

    The CD /DVD Drive will fit as well

    The ram will fit, however I would recommend spending a little extra and going with the fastest ram it will handle. Otherwise you are wasting money if you are planning on upgrading. Judging from the specs, that would be an 800MHz, not 677. The difference will be noticeable, and this allows it to carry to your next board if you upgrade later where the 677 is too slow to be worth it in a new computer.

    If you are not gonna game with the computer, it is adequate. If you are, you may as well custom build, and look at a different computer. This is not a decent gaming computer. It will be too slow.

    Also, you don't need 4 GB of ram in this machine, I have 1.5GB of RAM and have never used it all with a bigger processor than what you would have. If you are planning on upgrading to a duo core or Core 2 duo, then upgrade.

    Also, if this processor isn't a 64 bit processor, and the operating system isn't a 64 bit operating system, then you are throwing away money. Non 64 bit operating systems do not use more than 3 GB of ram. This is probably why they put in 3 GB instead of 4 because it can give slower response by having unmatched size sticks.

    Source(s): Built this computer myself, work on them regularly, past technical advice from certified techs.
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    Should be just fine :D BUT: You will need a CPU Cooling fan for this machine!! You can choose from these:

    Source(s): I build comps.
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    Sure looks like it

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    its about your motherboard, because your motherboard is supporting your graphics card and your RAM and i think almost any hard drive works as long as the motherboard and power supply support it

    what motherboard do you have?

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