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Question about getting a book from the Library of Congress?

I was just looking at the Library of Congress online catalog real briefly, and they HAVE EVERY BOOK IMAGINABLE! My question is, can people check those books out? Or do they have like e-books of each one that people can download? Or can they make a printed copy of what ever book you want? I live in AZ, so obviously, going to the LOC is NOT an option....I just was wondering HOW you can get a book (or two, or five dozen) from there?

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    The Library of Congress does make part of its collection available through interlibrary loan. You can make requests through your local library. (While you're there, check out your library's collection. Chances are they have some things the Library of Congress doesn't have. Most libraries do.)

    As for electronic or copied versions, the Library of Congress has to follow the same copyright laws as everyone else, so I wouldn't hold my breath for anything published since early last century. On the other hand, there is a lot of digital content on the Library's website, and they plan to step up their digitization programs, so keep watching the website.

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