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Poll: DIY SOS or 60 min makeover, what one do you prefer(if you watch either that is)?

Personally I prefer DIY SOS, for a start Nick Knowles( the presenter) actually lifts a paint brush in anger, plus although light hearted, I get the feeling they know their trade and aren't on some EU funded training scheme and possibly because it's on the Beeb it has a far less commercial attitude.

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    I prefer DIY SOS,it looks like the trade Men know what they are doing and they have a laugh along the way..

    I can't stand Nick Knowles though,...i think he fancies himself a bit to much so that's a bit of putting,but i do still watch the show cause it's good.! ;)

    60 Minute Makeover use to be better when Claire Sweeney was the host,cause she's such a lovely Woman and is easy to identify with.

    Terri Dwyer is terrible,she's such a control freak and you can't warm to her at all!

    I hated her when she was in Hollyoaks all those years ago,she was such a biatch! ;),...and that's not just her Character that she played onscreen,..(Ruth Osborne for those who don't know!),...allot of the Cast didn't like her either,even Mikyla Dodd(ex Hollyoaker) wrote about here in her book saying she was a total Diva backstage!

    And 60MM look like the decorations will fall down once the the "Exsperts" have gone! ;)

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    DIY SOS anyday its more fun to watch than 60 minute makeover.

    On DIY SOS you can get some tips about DIY rather than having to guess what is going on. Its more relaxed and more enjoyable to watch. More time is made trying to entertain the viewers with quips and jokes.

    60 minute makeover is far too rushed, and a lie. They should really clear the old stuff in the 60 minutes too. Not before the time starts, and as for some of the designers my god they are so full of themselves.

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    Same here i prefer DIY SOS, i don't believe that they can do all they do in 60 min on that programme.

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    Well, I don't ! I prefer 60 minute makeover - quite a tearjerker today - poor lady, widowed mother of 10

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  • 1 decade ago

    DIY SOS is excellent its the only one i will watch.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have to agree with you and say DIY SOS .

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    diy sos, because they do proper stuff rather than just paint and re-arrange!

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    I'm with you Elric......I prefer DIY SOS !

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