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Why The Internal Revenue Service Works For SATAN?

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    Satan pays well, and there is a great dental plan.

    Just joking

    2008 Election

    Is this the best

    either party has to offer

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    I'm a tax lawyer and I have to deal with the IRS all the time. And I'm on the other side from the IRS in every dispute.

    Bureaucratic, yes. Oversized, yes. Lumbering and slow, yes. Lacking in subtlety, yes. Sometimes dead wrong--absolutely.

    But satanic? No. If they were really satanic, they wouldn't goof things up so much.

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    The IRS, don't get me started. I have wondered the same thing about them. These people don't have a heart, they don't care how poor you are, all they want is money and they don't care how they get it as long as they get it. I'm going through something right now with them that I can't believe is even happening. I wish there were more laws to help people from the IRS. I think they hire people based on how slow, rude and heartless they are. They rule the world and they know it.

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