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What Strain of bud has the most THC?

I mostly smoke purple kush which is excellent but i wanna find the dankest bud in the world

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    Ok, i dont think there is a single bud with the most thc... most dank stuff is all near the same. check on grasscity.com they have seeds and it tells you the THC content. Im thinking that the blueberry and ... orange they have are pretty high ones. Maby white widow or white rhino? im not really sure, i dont usually get daaaaaaaank stuff. oh yeah. look at the cannabis cup winners. they probably have one for best high.!

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    I haven't smoked for years, but the best use to be some stuff called Alaskan Thunderfu*k. Most potent you ever saw. I haven't heard of it since my old college days.. many years ago.

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    Jack Herrer (sp?). but too hard to grow for most people, making it one of the most expensive you will find.

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