Did the Sheriff make the right decision about forerclosures/tenants being evicted. Ur thoughts on foreclosures?

Sheriff Takes Stand Against Evictions AOL

posted: 1 DAY 1 HOUR AGO comments: 2097filed under: Financial Crisis, National NewsPrintShareText Size AAA(Oct. 9) - Saying innocent people have been thrown out on the street, the sheriff of Illinois' Cook County announced Wednesday that he would no longer evict people from foreclosed properties.

In an op-ed piece in the Chicago Sun-Times explaining his decision, Sheriff Tom Dart said that "too many times," his deputies have arrived at foreclosed properties to find tenants who have indeed paid their rent. But the property owner hadn't paid the mortgage, leading banks to foreclose on the property.

That's what happened to families living in a building in Albany Park, Ill. "I don't think this is fair because we don't know what happened," said one woman facing the prospect of eviction. "We were paying rent every month."

Dart faulted the banks for the "mess," saying they have a legal responsibility to find out who's living in a building before taking any foreclosure action.

"We won't be doing the banks' work for them anymore," Dart wrote. "We won't surprise tenants with an eviction order intended for their landlord."

The New York Times reports that the department was on track to carry out 4,700 foreclosures this year, close to triple what it was just two years ago. The paper also reports that other sheriffs and judges around the country are trying to slow down such foreclosure proceedings.

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    The sheriff should be fired. It is his job to uphold and enforce the law. A judges job to determine if the eviction is valid. The sheriff is not qualified to act as a judge and has no right to violate a court order. He has no business being paid by the public.

  • miera
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    4 years ago

    i think of this sheriff is this variety of guy or woman we desire in public place of work. For as quickly as somebody does the staggering element. Why evict people purely because of the fact the valuables has been foreclosed on? Why not enable them to stay there and redirect the place they pay the hire? That sounds greater fiscally in charge, a minimum of the economic company could get some earnings from the valuables. what's inaccurate that those people won't be able to arise with some ordinary suggestions?

  • Wiser1
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    In this economy, you'd hope your landlord wouldn't be so heartless as to throw you out into the street if you truly have been trying to pay each month. BUT...the sheriff is in the wrong. He needs to uphold the laws and the laws say the landlord can have you evicted and get a paying tenant.

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