Social Service/ Human Service jobs in Harrisburg, PA?

I am graduating in may from college and I need to know what social service programs there are within a 30 mi. radius of harrisburg, pa. i am hoping to get a job at 1 of them but i need to know what my options are.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Apply to the state government and you will find they test free in Harrisburg - every thing from Child Abuse Investigators to welfare Income Workers to aged people social services workers. There are two rates of pay, at least in Pa, one is state level and higher than the second which is local government (counties) which have test run by the state and pay less. For example, here is a mental hospital there which has positions, and there are small towns around Harrisburg which have positions also.

  • 4 years ago

    Social artwork promises crappy pay for all the artwork you do. you may desire to bite your tongue each and every of the time. Human centers promises a fashion better sales, and plus you do no longer might desire to pass to properties that have a threat abuse...on my own.

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