Why do you think Bill Ayers, an admitted and unrepentant terrorist, likes Barack Obama so much?

What it is about Obama that attracted Bill Ayers, the founder of the terrorist group Weather Underground?

Obama and Ayers worked closely together since the mid-90s, what would they have in common?


To poster "finallydomesticated":

0n 9/11/2001, Bill Ayers said in a newspaper interview that he isn't sorry about the bombings his group did, and that he wishes they could've done more.

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    Have you ever had a friend, co - worker or acquaintance who held other beliefs or maybe did things you didn't quite agree with?

    Matter of fact, do you even know who the weathermen were and why they did what they did? I'm not saying violence is right, but they had a pretty good cause.

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    This "connection" is being trumped up to instill fear and spread misinformation about Sen.Obama.

    here are the FACTs on

    the "Bill Ayers connection".

    Way back in the early part of the Campaign, even before Sen. OBAMA was elected as the DEM pick, hundreds and hundreds of reporters and opposition researchers found that no actual connection existed.

    Bill Ayers had been part of an educational challenge board supported by a grant by the Annenberg Foundation, a board on which Barack Obama sat. The connections ended there. There were no secret meetings, no ties to each other beside an interest in giving awards to children who performed at high levels in academic pursuits.

    Not exactly a smoking gun.

    Do your research, GET the FACTS right and focus on real issues , "Fact check" to support your allegations


  • He wasn't referring to 9/11.

    His group is Weatherman. The bombing attacks were mostly against government buildings, along with several banks. I'm not saying I condone this, but you have your facts wrong and you are misconstruing the truth. They were radicals in a decade I can't relate to. They mostly started riots.

    In the ensuing years, Ayers has repeatedly avowed that when he said he had "no regrets" and that "we didn't do enough" he was speaking ONLY IN REFERENCE TO his efforts to stop the United States from waging THE VIETNAM WAR, efforts which he has described as ". . . inadequate [as] the war dragged on for a decade."[21] Ayers has maintained that the two statements were not intended to imply a wish they had set more bombs.

    Senator Obama strongly condemns the violent actions of the Weathermen group, as he does all acts of violence. But he was an eight-year-old child when Ayers and the Weathermen were active, and any attempt to connect Obama with events of almost forty years ago is ridiculous

    Bill Ayers and Barack Obama at one time lived in the same neighborhood in the city of Chicago, and both had worked on education reform in the state of Illinois. The two met "at a luncheon meeting about school reform."[41] Obama was named to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Project Board of Directors to oversee the distribution of grants in Chicago. Later in 1995, Ayers hosted "a coffee" for "Mr. Obama's first run for office."[42] The two served on the board of a community anti-poverty group, the Woods Fund of Chicago, between 2000 and 2002, during which time the board met twelve times

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    Has anyone found ANY destructive act in which this Ayers person

    participated? Anything in which he actually did more than

    mere advocacy, which cost even a single American a single

    penny? Isn't this ridiculously exaggerated "terrorism" some

    forty years ago? Are their any trials? Indictments? Records?

    Or is this just another corrupt, lunatic fringe accusation,

    by the morally bankrupt lunatics of the fascist right, who

    realize they won't be able to steal as much money in

    the succeeding administrations? Is the thief, Charlie Keating,

    not a far more inappropriate and criminal association, IF we have

    to start tallying those things? And it seems to me a lot more

    RECENT, too? This is a very strange accusation, racist

    and demented at its very roots.

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    You listen to way too much to Limbaugh and Faux News...Obama and Ayers were on a CHARITY Board together 15 years ago, not some radical organization...and guess what, that Board also had REPUBLICANS on it. And here's another little ditty for your ignorant azzes, the guy who funds the charity, Walter Annenberg, donated to McCain's campaign! So, if Ayers was such a BIG deal, why would McCain accept donations from someone who SUPPORTS DOMESTIC TERRORISTS? Obama and Ayers are not now, nor have they ever been, the "close pals" your idiot VP nominee and her old cogger are trying to portray them as...it's amazing how gullible you neo-cons are. You bash the media for reporting the news but yet you get your TRASH from that very same media (but just a different channel). Ayers IS a well-respected Education Professor at the University of Illinois, by your idiotic logic, that would make every student he ever had a "TERRORIST"! DUH!!!

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    I am definatly picking Barack Obama for our next president because I believe in change. My family is trying to save up enough money to go to London, England in the spring, with the same crummy polocies that are in place now. Barack Obama will lower taxes for people who make under $250,000 a year. This includes my family. Also free health care, you can not beat that. I am just letting you know I made this decision by myself and my decision would have been made with or with out the influence of my parents. You know Palin (Failin) is saying that Barack Obama is assoiciated with a terrorist. Wrong, that guy was just a radical in the 60s and during that time Obama was only eight years old! When he actually met him, they were both on a city board for peace. This so call terrorist who was associated with Obama, is actually a professor at a university and has kids! So if you still think Barack Obama is a terrorist, allow me to say that you all are dimwits! Have a Good One!!!

    - Ellie

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    This is the perfect twist on the Ayers story. It's not that Obama associates with Ayers. He is free to associate with anyone he wants. It is that Ayers, of his own free will supports Obama. That's like saying the bin Laden is supporting Obama. If those who want to kill you (and let's face it, Ayers wanted to bring the country down by destroying and killing in his younger days) support someone in particular that is a clue to you that there may be a problem.

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    I would like to take a moment to decide if I like our new President... No, he acts too fast in a direction that I feel doesn't truly represent what Americans want. I don't think the majority of America wants our hard earned money to go to funding abortion all over the world. I don't think that most middle class, white, working people feel that an appointee of Obama said on the record: REICH: …”I am concerned, as I’m sure many of you are, that these jobs not simply go to high-skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers…I have nothing against white male construction workers, I’m just saying there are other people who have needs as well.” RANGEL: And one thing you can depend on, you don’t have to be worried about what the middle-class is gonna do. Things are so bad. They have to put food on their tables. Clothes for their kids. Get them in school. I think this is a tremendous opportunity for a stronger America I don't see this President helping the people who actually work hard in this country to have the American Dream but hurt them financially.

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    Obama is Ayer's young protege and gateway to the White House. Once Obama is President, all the terrorist and radicals will have a stranglehold on the US government. See source for proof and damaging disclosures.

  • They have both worked on school reform issues and anti-poverty issues. They have lived in the same area of Chicago. They also have both either worked or had spouses working together at a university in Chicago. I highly doubt that any one of us can say that we perfectly agree with the beliefs of any person we have ever worked with, volunteered with, lived near, etc.

    Bill Ayers is not an admitted and unrepentant terrorist. Admitted, yes. Unrepetentant - not exactly. He has admitted having regrets and also admitted that he didn't go about things in the best way he could have. He made some very bad decisions in his choice of how to oppose the war in Vietnam. He later turned himself in and admitted his role. He then spent the next few years growing and learning and becoming an upstanding citizen. He was awarded Citizen of the Year by the city of Chicago in 1997 and he also holds a distinguished professor title by the University of Illinois at Chicago. These facts don't seem to make the gossip mill as quickly as the negative past.

    Essentially, in reference to this question - they have the same things in common as you do with every person you have ever hung out with, worked with, lived near, volunteered with, etc.

    -- In response to your comment - You are correct about that single interview. However, regarding that interview, he said "This is not a question of being misunderstood or 'taken out of context', but of deliberate distortion." He has maintained for years that his comments were never meant to imply they should have blown more stuff up. Instead, he was very impassioned as a youth regarding the atrocities he felt were being committed in Vietnam. He feels "we" should have been everyone in our country at that time. "We" should have done more and worked harder because the situation in Vietnam went on for more than 10 years. He has clarified this in a variety of ways through the years.

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    Ayers has plans for Obama. Ayers brought Obama into the different Socialist Organizations in Chicago and other major cities. So far his plans are working.

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