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Concern over Muslim prison gangs - is this another peaceful act of conversion?

"Muslim prison gangs are trying to force other inmates to sign up to Islamic radicalism, prison officers said."

What can be done to stop these radicals? Deportation?

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    Hey ;)

    Maybe segregation, as they do in America?

    Maybe not to all different races/ethnicity's, but certainly to those people who they suspect of promoting extremism.

    That's my idea of how it should be done anyway ;)

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    One thing puzzles me about this piece of news, what type of nancy prisoners are we talking about here that can do what ever it is that they are in prison for, yet they can be so easily intimidated and coveted to Islam by some mad muslin, it don't make sense because some prisoners are beyond redemption.

    But if it is true then there is one easy answer, Hard Labour, Very, Very, Very Hard Labour, after which no-one will have either the energy or inclination to convert or to be converted.

    I've Always said to defeat any radical organisation all you have to do is stamp-on one and all, after which no-one in their right mind would want anything to do with them, because their threats will pail away into insignificance compared to what the authorities will, can and should do.

    But first we need the powers that be to grow some BALLS and stop being afraid of upsetting some cleric because we won't allow some toe-rag of a prisoner the right to intimidate and convert or try to convert other prisoners.

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    This may be a true situation, and then again it may not. After all, we only have the word of certain prison officers that this is happening, and it's possible that these officers are speaking from a biased viewpoint. It sounds like negative propaganda to me. What could be happening is that these Muslims are merely trying to explain their religion. Just a thought.

    Also, even a cursory glance at British imperial history will show that there isn't one Middle Eastern country that the British didn't have a foothold in at some time or another.

    In other words, they are over here because we were over there.

    Is there a suggestion that we should 'deport' Jehovah's Witnesses because they go around knocking on peoples' doors trying to convert them?

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    1 decade ago

    been going on a very long time croxx imagine a disgruntled young fella stuck in prison with a group of Muslim clerics you know what will happen don't you!!

    Where are you going to deport people born in Britain

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    Not deportation.

    House them in separate prisons and take away the right to practice religion whilst inside.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Do I sense the real British waking up at last and sorting this gigantic mass immigration mistake out? I hope so

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lets get something straight here , any muslim in this country obeys the laws of THIS country whether he or she likes it or not otherwise they can get on the first rusty boat back to their own pit and pay their own way. ( WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH ) of their discrimination in OUR country , IF they are not happy with our handouts GET OUT NOW, oh of course our cushy prisons

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    i dont think its deportation, but they would house them in some form of gangs...or an act.

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    we should not have them in our prisons to begin with. they should be removed and sent back to where they came from. and any attempt at radicalisation by a British born Muslim should be seen as treason and the idiot executed. why we allow these hate fuelled sub human cave dwellers into any! civilised country is completely beyond me. to a civilised country they should be treated like a social disease and eradicated like the rabid dogs they are.

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