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Where can a person get CFC Albuterol MDI's after Dec 31,2008?

My wife has terrible asthma and has been using the aerosol Albuterol rescue inhaler for years. Recently the FDA banned all sales, marketing, and production of CFC inhalers from the United States. The HFA versions of her medication dont seem to control her attacks nearly as well as the CFC's. She is already using nebulizer treatments on a daily basis. Im afraid without her CFC inhalers she might have an attack that takes her life if all she has to rely on is Proventil or one of the other HFA,s. Is there anyway or anywhere to get the Albuterol inhalers in a CFC delivery. Please help!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can try Canada its Ventolin there BUT they banned CFC's for good reason. They are not only harmful to the environment but to your lungs. Imagine how they harm the ozone... now think about that in respect to lungs. It may just be that Albuterol just isn't as effective anymore. I know alot about Albuterol and people getting tolerant to it, I won't get into that it would take all day. But these are my 2 suggestions and if she asks her doctor he'd really have no reason not to comply with one or the other... 1. Switch to Combivent, its Albuterol and another med Atrovent, its like 2 in 1 and more effective. 2. Xopenex has an inhaler and it is much more effective, but its also more costly. Being as educated as I am and knowing all I know I pay that huge price tag to get Xopenex nebulizer meds and inhalers for my kids and myself. Also a steroid may be a good thought to add as a maintenence. Advair, Azmacort, Pulmicort etc... all come in inhalers.

    Source(s): Respiratory Therapist and asthma sufferer and mom of 2 asthmatic kiddos
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