how is your blood type......?

how is your blood type determined? like which parent gives the child their blood type?.... or what happens?

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    Your blood type is determine by genetics, so your blood type will be determined by what genes your parents pass on to you. Both your parents blood type matters, as yous blood type will be a mix of theirs. You inherit one allele (version of a gene) from each parent, so which ones of their genes you get will determine your blood type.

    There are two types of genes that matters in blood type, the ABO genes and the Rb factor gene. The Rb factor you either have or you don't (you're Rb+ or Rb-). It is a dominant trait (you only need one copies to express the trait), so if both your parents are Rb- you will too, but if just one passes on the Rb+ gene you will be Rb+.

    The ABO system is a bit more complicated. A and B are dominant, that is you just need copy to express it. 0 is negative, so you need two copies to have blood type 0. So if your parents are A0 and B0, they will have blood type A and B, but depending on what blood type they pass on to you, you can be A0 (type A), B0 (type B), 00 (type 0), or AB (type AB). Hope that helped!

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    Blood type is determined genetically, just like our other dominant characteristics: hair color, eye color, shape of ears, etc.

    Here's a more complicated explanation I found:

    The A and B antigen molecules on the surface of red blood cells are produced by two different enzymes. These two enzymes are encoded by different versions, or alleles, of the same gene: A and B.

    The A and B alleles code for enzymes that produce the type A and B antigens respectively. A third version of this gene, the O allele, codes for a protein that is not functional and does not produce surface molecules. Two copies of the gene are inherited, one from each parent.

    There's a chart on this site that shows what alleles each parent has to give you to get what type!

    I also posted a link explaining the Rh factor, that's where the + and - comes from that's with our blood type.

    Hope that helps.

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    idk...but i think it's the number of red and white blood cells and plasma and all that stuff.

    Gd luck, i hope a scientist or doctor comes and answers your query. a grammar checker usually but grammar checkers dunno much about blood types. i even 4got mii own blood type.

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