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將excel圖表和文字轉為ai file

想請教一下, 我想將excel的圖表和文字轉為ai file, 但要在ai改得到顏色和文字, 可以怎樣做~ 請幫忙


excel-2003, AI-cs, 用複製放在AI做不到, 有另一個方法嗎?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1) Select the table & wording from excel file

    2) right click --> copy

    3) Open a blank page in ai

    4) right click --> paste on the blank page in ai

    5) You can see table & wording in ai

    6) Select all

    7) Object --> ungroup

    8) You can edit the color & wording here!!

    2008-10-13 12:07:54 補充:


    6) Select all

    7) Object --> Clipping Mask --> Release

    8) You can edit the color & wording here!!

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    1 decade ago

    Excel 圖表格式唔係用 Vector Image, 基本上係同 AI 唔兼容, 我唸唯一方法係先列印去 PDF 格式 (你已安裝 AI-CS, 應已同時安裝了 PDF Printer Driver), 然後用 AI 開啟 PDF 檔案.

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