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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


1.the( )model is the basis for today's computer

a.Leibnitz b.von Neumann c.Pascal d.Charles Babbagge a computer ,the( )subsystem performs calculations and logical operation

a.ALU b.input/output c.memory d.control unit a computer ,the ( )subsystem serves as a manager of the other subsystems

a.ALU b.input/output c.memory d.control unit

4.a step-by-step solution to a problem is called ()

a.hardware operating system c.a computer language algorithm

5.a 17th-century computing machine that could perform addition and subtraction was the( )

a.Pascaline b.Jacquard loom c.Analytical Engine d.Babbage machine

6.( )is the design and writing of a program in structured form.

a.Software engineering b.hardware engineering c.Algorithm development d.Instructional architecture of the first computers based on the von Neumann model was called( )

a.Pascal b.Pascaline c.ABC d.EDVAC

8.( )separated the programming task from computer operation tasks

a.Algorithms b.Data processors c.High-level programming language d.Operating systems

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  • 武沁
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    1 , ( )模型的基礎是今天的電腦

    a.Leibnitz b.von紐曼c.Pascal d.Charles Babbagge

    2.in一台電腦,在( )子系統進行計算和邏輯運算

    a.ALU b.input /輸出c.memory d.control單位

    3.in一台電腦,在( )子系統擔任經理的其他子系統

    a.ALU b.input /輸出c.memory d.control單位

    4.a一步一步解決的一個問題是所謂的( )

    a.hardware b.an操作系統的計算機語言鈣d.an算法

    5.a 17世紀的計算設備,可以進行加減法是( )

    a.Pascaline b.Jacquard織機c.Analytical發動機d.Babbage機

    6 。 ( )是設計和編寫程序的結構形式。


    7.one的第一次計算機為基礎的馮諾依曼模型被稱為( )

    a.Pascal b.Pascaline c.ABC d.EDVAC

    8 。 ( )方案隔開的任務由電腦操作任務

    a.Algorithms b.Data處理器c.High級別的編程語言d.Operating系統

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