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Click-click-click. That was the sound of data dying on thousands of Iomega Zip drives. Though Iomega sold tens of millions of Zip and Jaz drives that worked flawlessly, thousands of the drives died mysteriously, issuing a clicking noise as the drive head became misaligned and clipped the edge of the removable media, rendering any data on that disc permanently inaccessible.

Iomega largely ignored the problem until angry customers filed a class action suit in 1998, which the company settled three years later by offering rebates on future products. And the Zip disk, once the floppy's heir apparent, has largely been eclipsed by thumb drives and cheaper, faster, more capacious rewritable CDs and DVDs.

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    點擊點擊點擊。 那是死在數以萬計的數據的聲音Iomega郵編驅動。 雖然Iomega賣了數百萬運作得至善至美的郵編和Jaz驅動,驅動的數以萬計神奇死了,發布點擊的噪聲作為打头變得沒對準和截去可移動的媒介的邊緣,使關於那個圓盤的所有數據永久地不能進入。 Iomega主要忽略了問題,直到惱怒的顧客在1998年歸檔了一個集团利益訴訟,公司通過提供折扣决定三年後未來產品。 並且郵編盤,一次floppy' s,拇指驅動,快速地,主要蝕了確定繼承人和更加便宜更加容量大的可再寫的CDs和DVDs。

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