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what to do in stockholm, sweden?

Next year I plan on visiting Stockholm for my 16th birthday. (That or Amsterdam, I'm still deciding.) Now, I'd like to know what things I could do there in Stockholm. We'd be there about a week. Might I add the trip is at the end of January next year.

What kind of things can you tell me about?

What can somebody my age do for fun in and around Stockholm area, and give me the best details and info. you can.

What places would a family like to visit?

Where are the cheaper places to eat, what are tips to stay as cheap as possible, and how much is everything there basically. (If you can compare it to Amsterdam, that'd be great. Or even Norway. Oslo.)

What will the weather be like too? And where should we stay at?

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    I love Stockholm, but go in the summer or spring! Stockholm is great for families, the Vasa museum is a can't miss. There are lots of reasonably price lunch places all over town. Hotels are expensive and even hostels, but in January you could find a deal at a Scandic hotel go to the website. All hotels include an extensive breakfast buffet. Stay near the metro or Tunnelbana as transport is very safe and efficient. You can take an overnight ferry trip from stockholm to estonia or helsinki--I'd recommend estonia even in winter. I can't comment on Amsterdam, but Olso is VERY, very expensive thanks to their oil riches. Swedes go there to work for a few months to send money home.

    Sweden is very cold and dark in January. Everyone hunkers down in (literally) underground cafes in January. Any travel guide would say go for a first visit in the summer. You will love it in the summer with everyone outside picnicking in the park until 10:30 p.m.

    That being said, I just remembered I met my Stockholmer husband in January in an underground club. We had a very hot indoor romance. So it depends what you like.

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    You should definately go to Stockholm! :P It's so pretty in the winter and especially if there's snow. Stockholm has a lot of old buildings and parks etc and a lot of nice museums (Vasa Muséet, Naturhistoriska Riksmuséet, Nordiska Muséet, Tekniska Muséet, Junibacken, Kaknästornet etc) and restaurants. You should take the subway to "Gamla Stan", there's a lot of old houses there and interesting stores, but it's nicest around Christmas though.. Usually in January there's snow but since it's getting warmer and warmer so there might not be as much :( I don't know that much about hotels but I guess it's about the same as everywhere else, you can look it up on google, but taxis are kind of expensive so you should travel by bus or subway. I think it's cheap in Sweden, idk how it is compared to Amsterdam but I live in Italy right now and I know that Sweden is soo much cheaper.

    If you like Stockholm you should visit in the summer too, there are more things to do (you can visit the small islands in Stockholm which are really beautiful in the summer, but I think you can visit some in the winter too, or you can go to Gröna Lund, go to parks, or just walk around, it's so pretty) but winter is good too. :P Hope you like it <3

    But if you're a druggy, go to Amsterdam hah.

    Since you're traveling with your family, go to Stockholm.

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    Sometimes it is hard to be honest, but here goes. . .

    If you are 16, you will probably find Stockholm very "dry" compared to Amsterdam.

    If you are looking for a more "lively" day and night life, then Amsterdam is the best choice.

    Amsterdam has a lot more of "everything" compared to Stockholm.

    I've been to both.

    The rest of your questions I will leave to those who like to advertise.

    Just a note, Norway and Sweden will be very dark and cold in January. Amsterdam should be a little milder.


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    i've got finished an excellent little bit of vacationing over the previous 2 years, and Sweden is my fashionable place interior the international. Stockholm, particularly, is a super city - very clean, little to no crime, each and every person is friendly, and likely, it rather is extremely pleasing. purely turn away - issues are high priced!

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    sweden = FIIIIIIINE GIRLS, if you come back w/o getting any type of action what so ever then cut yourself

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