Need a famous historical person in any year in the time frame of do a project on.?

This is for a history project and involves doing a lot of research. I would prefer to do someone who is NOT really well known to make it a little more unique. Any suggestions are appreciated. And I do have an interest in Indians if there is anyone famous I could research. If not...anyone is good. THANK YOU :)


I'm very excited. I am seeing some GREAT answers.....thank you everyone and keep some more coming if you have one.

Update 2:

WOW ....these are fantastic ideas....thanks to everyone. I was actually posting this for my daughter and son who will both have a project to do. I will definitely post who they chose. Thanks again everyone

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    I would do a project on Alfred Nobel. He is Swedish Chemist who invented explosive dynamite and in his will had left $31 Million to put into a fund and to use the interest of that fund to give out 5 Nobel Prizes a year. Hence, the Nobel Prize.

    Not many people understand what the Nobel Prize is or why we have it or how it is even funded. This would be informative on many different levels in that many people would actually learn from your paper.

    There is sufficient knowledge and material about him on the internet. I guarantee that no one will be doing a project on him and I would also bet that your teacher has never had anyone do a paper on him. Your teacher or professor would actually enjoy learning about someone like this.

    I am interested in who you choose. Post who you choose please.

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    I would do Albert Einstein or Charlie Chaplin.

    Everyone knows them but no one really does any projects on them.

    Another person, I would do who isn't really well known is Ellie Wiesel (a Jewish boy who suffered so immensely during the Holocaust and now still a survivour is targeted by many people, and he isn't that famous).

    I would also do C George Marshall, Secretary of State. He not only contributed in the US, in Europe but in China and Taiwan. As well as aided Europe in his idea of the Marshall Plan.

    Good Luck =)

    Also, • Manfred Mann

    • Beryl Marsden

    • Merseybeat

    • The Merseybeats

    • The Mojos

    • The Moody Blues

    The Beatles

    - Al Capone

    - Bonnie and Clyde

    - Harper Lee (To kill a Mockingbird)

    - Aldous Huxley

    - Hermann Hesse

    - William Blake

    - Jim Morisson (Doors)

    - Squanto (Famous Native American during WW!!)

    - Martin Luther King Jr.

    - Gandhi (Famous Indian you can do)

    - Also my two personal reccomendations, who did so0me amazing deeds, Huo Yuan Jia and Wong Fei Hung, Alfred Nobel

    Hope this helped =)

    Also @ Julia, No Hercules is not better than Sun Wukong, get your facts right, Julia...

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    definite, I dont be responsive to in case you will call me "appropriate" yet right it relatively is my connection: my mothers cousin's (additionally my cousin's) step-grandfather grew to become into samuel morse! I continually theory that grew to become right into a funky connection! desire I helped ya out! xoxo ;) additionally, my grandfathers realtives, i think of his great-grandfparents, have been very well known artists in Europe and made many well known artwork, inclusive of portray photos for the king and queen of britain at there wedding ceremony (there have been no cameras). His call grew to become into Agostino Masucci. you could look him up on the link under... :)

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    Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, famous scientist in various fields including his work on radio signaling.

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