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How fast can a baseball travel after being hit by a player?

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    Several wrong answers on! Did anyone graduate high school here?

    The radar guns that track pitchers speed also register the line drive that goes up the middle or home run to center field as they leave the batters box.

    If a pitcher is throwing 98mph and the batter makes perfect contact (plus his strength index) the ball will be traveling close to 105mph. That lower speed or what some people would think is too low of a speed is due to the wooden bats used. If the MLB players used aluminum bats the ball would be traveling at near 130mph. That is why they will never be allowed in MLB. The wood does give a little and that is why the ball doesn't rebound off a wooden bat like a super ball (kids toy rubber ball).

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    the ball can come off the bat faster than the initial pitch from the pitcher.

    The best pitchers can throw approx 102 miles per hour. The ball off the bat can exceed 130 miles per hour.

    The physics behind it are somewhat complicated by the composition and design of the baseball.

    In 1988, there was a "rabbit ball" phenomenon, so called because the balls were hopping out of ball parks with amazing frequency. The balls were made differently, and they flew off the bats even faster than normal, so there were like 10% more homeruns that year.

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    A player or a bat?

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    135 mph. the ball can be thrown at the bat at almost 100mph. plus the force of the bat will accelerate it

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    Can someone tell me what is the correct answer for this question?

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    very fast depend on how hard is the swing and who is batting.

  • a baseball can go 60 mph when it hits the eye due to the force of the baseball it reduces and can go 30 mph or if it hit the guy head on t would be 0 mph

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    It usually dies when it hits a player. Just kind of bounces off of the player and falls to the ground.

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    you can figure it out yourself

    (before collision) (after collision)

    MV(bat) + MV(baseball) = MV(bat) + MV (baseball) + frictional energy

    m =mass

    v = velocity

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